Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cam'ron at BB King's 6/30/09- Crime Really Does Pay.

40 minute sets are kind of criminal. It was a Tuesday night- what else was going on? I'm thinking he was pissed they forget the apostrophe on the billboard so he showed up, dropped a couple, grabbed the check and bounced. Word is he's putting out a BB King dis record. "Listen here BB the thrill is gone, can't spell my name doggie I cause you harm..." You would have been surprised with all the people thinking the Young Black Teenagers' Camron was on stage- House Party status, even though his name starts with a K.

Don't get me wrong- joint after joint after joint- and the selections were pretty much all the bangers. But after the high wore off and I was trudging along Times Square, it dawned on me that the show was super short. Especially for an artist close to 20 years in the game with 7 solo albums, 2 Dipset projects and a couple of Duke Da God joints, not including white label, cameo and collabo joints. 40 minutes at 3 minutes a track = 13 tracks, and that's not including chatter, which was kept to a minimum. 13 tracks out of 120- on the short side. I'm no numerologist, just scraped by the math regents, but we're talking less than 10%. Cam seems to be good with the mathematics, with all the birds he's chopped up, speculatively, so he could have done a little more. I mean he turned 8 to 20, 20 to 100, 100 to 1,000, that to 100,000 in front of housing. That's pretty impressive.

I should thank him for the hitting stage before 10pm and being done by 10:30pm. This really is the new hip hop. Apparently what happened almost 2 months ago was no aberration, but a growing trend. Before he bounced he said they had to wrap it up, but after speaking to the sound engineer, it was all up to Cam and his peoples- the venue had no restrictions. Whatever- I enjoyed it.

First time seeing Killa so I had no clue what to expect. Came out to the Opera Steve vocals on "Killa Cam"- wowzers. Crowd went berzerk- I did at least. Then went into the joints- "Get Em' Girls", "Down & Out", "Wet Wipes, "Live My Life", "I Really Mean it", "Oh Boy", "Hey Ma", "Make Da Trap Say Aye", "Silky- No Homo", "Cookies & Apple Juice", "Suck it or Not", "Let's Talk About" (YES!! You already know), and finished with "Get it in Ohio". The only guest appearance was with the 2009 Juelz aka Vado. He did a joint or 2 with Cam on one of them. He's been putting out some joints- the "We Here Now" joint is crazy. I thought Jada would come through on "Let's Talk About". Or at least the Bird Lady to flaunt those cookies and AJ.

And I saw this in the house. The Dipset army was massive. If my boy was rocking that I'd punch him in the face, no homo. And what's up with all the drunk fools outside- presumably from the outer NY regions. These cats were wobbling all over Times Square. One cat had to be restrained from walking into traffic by his boys- they should have let him walk and have nature take its course. And some other dude was hunched over against one of the adjoining theaters vomiting on himself. His boy lifted him up, gave him a pep talk and hugged him. AYYYYYOOOOOO. Mind you, this was all BEFORE the show. Patience grasshoppers.

And good looks to everybody that participated in the contest. Answers are at the bottom.

Peep the videos below. These joints were a bitch to upload- but when you're fucking with HD it takes a little longer. You can't rush excellence. The images are pretty clean but the sound has some issues. The bass is heavy- trying to figure out how to decrease it. This camera shit is kind of bugged. It's great to record and document this rap shit, but it's mad annoying when everybody's hands are up recording the show- I'm guilty as charged- but I do it for you. It's also hard to enjoy the show 100% when you're checking the screen. Plus, when I'm going in on certain joints I can't keep the camera still- it's pretty obvious below.

Cam'ron- Killa Cam

Cam'ron- Get 'Em Girls

Cam'ron- Down And Out

Cam'ron- Oh Boy

Cam'ron- Let's Talk About

Cam'ron- Get it in Ohio

The answers to the contest were:

1) Red, 13 times
2) Mustard jag, purple, pills, grey goose and beige coupe
3) Sister's the slurper, Mother they call her Bertha
Bonus) Hit the hard rocks- right in their soft spot


thekid10705 said...


I soldout on this one FRESH.. Great post and good quality on the video's.. But your right..40 mins is robbery, especially with the caliber of catalog Cam posses!

Smear said...

Gotta love Killa (no homo)
but Black Milk/Royce's "Losing Out">>>>>"Let's Talk About It"

HowFresh said...

I don't know if I agree with that- though I like the extended use of the sample. Most probably cause I'd take Cam and Jada on a joint over BM and Royce any day. Though they got it in.

Cam's second verse is some of the baddest shit I've heard in a long while. said...

Here, I do not actually imagine it will have effect.