Monday, July 27, 2009

Mixtape Mondays.

You know how much the kid loves alliteration. Mixtapes too. Unfortunately there's been nary a CD worth listening to lately. And believe me, I'm on Canal St. almost once a week checking the Africans' bootlegs. By the way, Canal St. is straight bedlam lately. The boots are out in full visible force. And 5-0 doesn't harass them at all. Almost copped the Gucci limited edition wallet/GPS unit.

J-Love - Acknowledge the Takeover Vol. 12 hosted by Meyhem Lauren

After a 2 month trip abroad J-Love is back with something you should be listening to. No Gucci Mane, no Wavy Max B, no Juiceman, no Drake. More like Rakim, Raekwon, Ghostface, AZ, Kool G Rap, Large Professor, Havoc, Trife and so on. Not filler non-album cuts either- new heat from some legends. A bunch of joints worthy of continual rewinds. The Large Pro joint is crazy, new Rakim over the Axelrod/Electric Prunes break is what you've been waiting for, the Inspectah Deck joint going at Joe Budden, and some real soulful Ghost shit. I don't think any other DJ has been as consistent as J-Love bringing the non-radio dope shit.

Rakim- Holy Are You

Large Professor- Bowne

J-Love's diplomacy skills, both international and domestic, are at an all time high here. Calling out all fake Michael Jackson lovers and their moms (all your mothers should be burned for bearing the birth of worthless piece of shit garbage ass motherfucking cock sucking faggot DJ niggas that you all are), commenters on websites/blogs, and the hygiene of various countries. "Dirty France...they smell like shit out there b," Greeks too, Brits are prissy but Belgians are aight. He must be a mussel and frite head.

The "Typhoon Rap" track has the culinary verse of the month, if not year, by Action Bronson. Doesn't hurt that the beat is a straight head nod break loop. Has Martin Yan been referenced on a track before? This shit is history in the making.

"Super superb, Martha Stewart good with the herbs, I'm Bobby Flay cooking the birds, Yo, I'm Martin Yan, when you talk about the knife, steal and ate the chicken, we talkin' bout your wife"

Typhoon Rap- Meyhem Lauren ft. Action Bronson

If you haven't caught the Nah Right x Cookin' Soul 1:00 AM and Rising mixtape, do yourself a favor and give it a gander. While you might not be up on all the artists, the production is top notch. Who but Eskay would have 40 Cal, Doowop, and Mickey Factz on the same tape?

Catch it HERE.


buckemdown said...

How can you not have posted up the audio to the Havoc joint? That shit is so ill, giving Rakim a run for his money for best track on the mixtape.

Yan can cook, can you??

HowFresh said...

I hear you. That track is the heatrock. Gun to the head, I needed to pick 2 joints. Now it gives folks the pleasure of discovering some buttery ish.

safemeds said...

Good recommendations to listen something different, it's nice for me because I'll try to get some of those tracks elsewhere.