Sunday, April 13, 2008

Daisy May's BBQ Oklahoma Jumbo Beef Rib- Howfresheats Stays on His B's and Q.

The Daisy May's Oklahoma Jumbo Beef Rib is in a class all by itself. Nothing in NYC, the Northeast, and possibly the U.S. with exceptions of Texas and Oklahoma compares. Nothing. That might be an over exaggeration. We're talking Flintstone's garagantuan status here. When was the last time you received a foot long rib bone with a pound plus of juicy meat attached. I'll guess never, unless you've got busy with Daisy May lately. The seductive Daisy May that is. You think Daisy May's a chick or a cow?

I've been enjoying Daisy May's for several years. Located out of the way on the barren far west, I became familiar with their offerings since I spent many a night in that area. Otherwise I might be new to the game. Originally they were only open Monday thru Friday, and take out only. I recall hearing that there were zoning restrictions dealing with the use of the smoker on weekends. Luckily those technicalities have been sorted out so now they are a 7 day operation, and a dining room has been added with several flat screens. On this trip, upon arrival we were informed the dining room was closed for a private party. There is a small counter along the wall with 4 stools that's always available- just need to be ready to pounce when you see empty plates. The woman behind the counter said that Friday and weekend parties are common so it's best to call in advance.

Enough with all that bullshit- let's get into the main attraction, the grub. Daisy May's doesn't specialize in a particular BBQ, but shows off different regions in each of the meat dishes. It's apparent by the names of each meal- the Oklahoma Jumbo Rib, Kansas City Sweet and Sticky Ribs, Memphis Dry Rub ribs, Tennessee Whiskey Beer Can chicken, and so on. From what I've tried, each style is executed with great success. The owner and founder, Adam Perry Lang, has won national bbq awards throughout the country, and worked at some of NYC's finest restaurants including Le Cirque, Daniel and Chanterelle. Most recently he was the executive chef at Robert's, The Penthouse Club's highly acclaimed steakhouse, but has left to pursue other things including creating the perfect beef animal.

Beef ribs aren't available everywhere, with most attention given to the pig's chest. While I've enjoyed Daisy May's pork ribs, it's the slow cooked, tender, sweet, meaty (ayyyyyyyyyyyyoooo) beef rib that draws me back. It's decadent. The fact that a plastic fork is all you need to get busy says it all. The meat falls apart with the lightest amount of pressure, and it's a party after that. The sweet crust with the salty fat makes for an amazing dining experience. Listen, I'm not into throwing all these superlatives around, but this is the truth. If you don't agree, have your tongue removed.

With each plate special (dine in only) you get 2 sides. You can also order the meat dishes plain, but with sides costing $4.50 a pop, it's worth your while to go for the specials. My go-tos are the creamed spinach, a pureed spinach mixed with cream, giving it a really smooth consistency, similar to a pudding, and the bourbon peaches, sliced peaches cooked in a sweet bourbon sauce. My boy had the creamy corn with NY state cheddar and jalapenos that packed a nice punch, and on previous trips the baked beans with burnt rib ends always did the job.

To wash down the cue there is a 32 oz. mason jar of sweet tea, as well as various sodas, and beers have been added to the menu- only Corona, Sam Adams and Coors Light. While you don't want beer to occupy valuable stomach space, a couple of coronas surely enhance the experience.

Daisy May's BBQ
623 11th Ave. at the corner of 46th St.
NY, NY 10036

Mon- 11am - 9pm
Tues- Fri- 11am - 10pm
Sat- Noon - 10pm
Sun- Noon - 9pm

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buckemdown said...

Now you're speaking my language - bbq. While usually partial to pork ribs, those beef ribs are by far the most impressive I've ever laid my eyes on, and now I can't wait to get my hands on 'em. Let's get this Big Pig Gig ( poppin' for the next big Friday Yankee game. Our own Porky roasted personally for us. Throw in $25 buckets of Coronas during Yankee games and it's a wrap.

Sais said...

Lol this has become my favorite blog. You should be recruited for the mag although EVERY magazine comes like 2 months after due date lol.

W said...

$33.50 for one beef rib and two sides, please. I'm sure its great but for more bang for your buck I can enjoy soooo much more at a Brazilian Churrascaria restaurant for a little more cost, which is all you can eat that includes multiple cuts of awesome rotiserie BBQ meat (beef,pork,chicken and lamb).

Pricing really needs to be reduced.

muebles valdemoro said...

Well, I don't actually consider this is likely to have success.

Anonymous said...

You can't find beef ribs in Oklahoma unless you cook them yourself. So I don't know where Daisy May's discovered them, unless it was a very long time ago.

It's great to see a restaurant that serves them and does it well!