Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Howfresheats state of Howfresheats address.

Things have been crazy. I just got back from nowhere and I've been extremely busy doing nothing. Shit takes its toll after a while. Need a break, you know? I haven't posted in more than a week and all these ideas floating around the melon are beginning to overwhelm me. I'm talking fly shit. Dope shit. Next level shit. Pulitzer prize shit. Can bloggers win those? Watch me.

When it came to papers and deadlines I procrastinated with the best of them. All nighters, watching the clock strike. I thought, or hoped those days were over. Apparently not. I say this because there were a lot of things I wanted to touch on, ayyyyyyyyyyoo, but due to the time sensitive nature of some of these events, they are now old news. Howfresheats isn't about that stale shit. Fresh is in there for a reason. No browning on the lettuce, soft spots on the peaches, fish whose eyes aren't shiny. I'm on some green market shit, and am committed to providing the best goodies. I fucking love green markets by the way. I was definitely an Amish farmer from Bird-in-Hand, PA in a past life.

The NCAA Championship is a wrap. I had this Tyler Hansborough post ready to spew some minor hate. He's such great fodder. And he takes Swahili at UNC. But it's too late. Also wanted to discuss a photo of Lasto (Lastings Milledge) and Meathook (Dmitri Young) walking on the new Nationals field in suits with Young carrying a teflon brief case. Shit was classic. But again, it's too late. The season has begun. That's another problem. With baseball season in full swing, I just ordered the Extra Innings package and the games are limitless. Except when there are no games. Wednesday night Padres vs Pirates games are more exciting than you think. Don't hate until you try it. I'll just need to learn to balance it all.

With that said, I renew my vows to stay on my grind and keep it crispy.

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buckemdown said...

Welcome back, sire. Eagerly awaiting this New World Order.