Monday, March 31, 2008

DJ Doo Wop Uses Sweet and Sour Sauce When Going Down.

Doo Wop ft. Fat Joe, Akinyele, Prettyboy Floyd, and Lord Tariq- You Gotta Go Down. This shit deserves it's own post.

I've been looking for this joint for years and I finally got my hands on it. The first time and one of the only times I ever heard it was on Stretch and Bob. Didn't even realize that it was on Doo Wop '95 Live.

I'm not even sure what the exact title is. I've seen it referred to as "I Wanna Be Down" Doo Wop remix- but I prefer "You Gotta Go Down." This is the official Anti-Cunilingus anthem. Go figure. Akinyele used his lyrics for "Put It In Your Mouth." Doo Wop kills it with "I put the sweet and sour sauce on your chicken nugget and you love it." Fat Joe comes through on some "And if you put me on quick sand I still won't go down."

You Gotta Go Down- Doo Wop ft. Fat Joe, Akinyele, Prettyboy Floyd, and Lord Tariq

Over at WakeYourDaughterUp they're discussing the 100 Greatest Obscure tracks with links by installments of 10. Definitely interesting to peep. It's pretty subjective so you might feel certain tracks are missing. The track this post is dedicated to would definitely be on my list, though it's missing over there. To each his own. They gave love to Diamond's "Hiatus" remix ft. Cru, which is in my top 10 dopest tracks ever, so I can appreciate their opinions.

For the old heads- an added bonus- Snaggapuss' Myspace Page. Now he refers to himself as Snaggdadon. Need to start scrounging up all the old Bounce Squad freestyles. If anybody has any, get at me.

If you're looking to cop Doo Wop '95 Live parts 1 & 2 you can cop them at Doo Wop's Myspace page.

Or you can get Part 1 HERE.

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