Saturday, March 29, 2008

Super Tacos.

Until recently I had a huge stigma attached to food trucks and street carts. They seemed filthy and I felt the food wasn't that fresh so I opted not to patronize. Then things changed- I started reading about certain vendors, tried some of their offerings and became a full fledged advocate of street food. I missed a lot of good food over the years due to my bullshit, so I'm working extra hard to make up for that lost time.

One of these spots is Super Tacos located on the SW corner of 96th St. and Broadway. You can't miss it, basically it's a stationary ice cream truck. Replace the freezers with grills and Mexicans getting busy with cutlery and you have Super Taco. The menu is on the side of the truck and pretty cut and dry. Until today, I've only gotten tacos, choosing between bistec(steak), chorizo(sausage), and al pastor(pork steak with pineapple). They have daily specials, which I have missed out on in the past for getting there too late, but today I was able to try the Caldo De Pollo, spicy chicken soup. Next time I'm going for a torta (sandwich).

So I ordered 1 of each of the afore mentioned tacos and the chicken soup. You can choose from 9 different taco fillings. The suadero, steak with peppers and onions looks good. The goat and tongue don't sound that appealing, but I should give it a shot. Maybe next time.

Let's start with the soup. Like the name of the spot, the soup was SUPER spicy. I don't mind spice, but this shit was alarm blazing. From jump I was a little turned off because the pieces of chicken still had the skin attached. That soft boiled skin that kind of makes me sick. Getting over that, the rest of the dish was pretty good. It consisted of a reddish broth, several pieces of chicken with bone attached, rice, and various spices and herbs including cilantro and hot pepper flakes. After getting halfway through the dish the broth became too oily and the spoon had to be put down. It's 7 hours later and I'm still feeling it. I was given a stack of about 8 plain tortillas that probably should have been used for the soup. I ate all the meat by the time I saw these so they went to waste. Now I know to lay out everything before I dig in.

The tacos come pretty bare bones. Each have 2 tortillas, the meat, and cilantro and chopped raw onion. You have the option of lime, green or red salsa, and radish slices. I always go for the lime and green salsa.

The chorizo taco adds that extra spicy kick. Chopped up pieces of chorizo with cooked onion along with raw onion and cilantro. It's a nice tablesetter to be followed up by the less aggressive bistec.

The bistec taco is always on point. Simple, yet strong flavors. The lime juice and salsa verde add a new dimension that transcends the typical American taco experience. For years I doused tacos with sour cream, cheese, salsa, jalapenos, and a variety of other shit, when in reality, the simpler the better.

The tacos al pastor pose a problem for me. The strips of pork are great, but pineapple is always added. For those that know me, I prefer keeping my savory and sweets separated. Segregate that shit. The pineapple isn't overbearing, so I throw extra salsa on to mute the sweetness. Good shit.

All the years we stopped at Koronet for a slice or San Loco for some queso locos, we would have been better going here for some late night tacos. I don't know the hours, but I believe they're open till at least 2 am.

All tacos cost $2. My meal consisting of 3 tacos and a large bowl of spicy chicken soup cost $8. In hindsight, the girl might have made a mistake calculating. Either way, you really can't beat that. Being right off the West Side Highway, it's good to know that a 5 minute detour can get you a nice little meal.


evan said...

Please don't sleep on the tongue tacos. Lengua is like corned beef if it's mother was foie gras.

Keep on trying the trucks, you'll dig the tortas and check around for chicharron when they're fresh.

HowFresh said...

Uptown, Dyckman, 207th, Wash Heights- I always see the trucks. Summer time I'll get on my grind.

I've heard tongue is the shit- esp. at delis. Got to go in some time.

evan said...

At the deli you're going on some pumpernickel or rye and the normal fixings, but not too much since it's pretty mild.

I'm looking for a hard drop on what kind of salami and eggs action you get at the deli. Orlando is way behind when it comes to old school jewtastic places to eat.

Travis said...

Damn, shit made me hungry....

I was kind of like you when it came to the street carts and stuff, but there is truck that parks down on the corner about a mile from place that makes the best BBQ

HowFresh said...

I don't think I ever ordered salami and eggs at a deli. That was always at home with Dad handling the pan. Hebrew National bullets. It's been years since I had it and after thinking about it, that shit sounds delicious.

Might have to hit up the new 2nd Ave Deli very soon.

Travis- this BBQ spot in NYC?