Thursday, March 6, 2008

Joe Thanks G-d for That White But He Should Really Be Giving Thanks for DJ Premier.

While this hip hop shit has become the WWF and doesn't appear to be letting up, I'm going back to the basics. Say what you want about Fat Joe, but years ago he was responsible for 2 dope albums and a plethora of bangout tracks. While his career might have strayed from that gritty NYC steez to the lush life of Miami, rollin' on dubs, got cris on pop, 4 honies in the drop, etc. he can still drop some shit that makes you break out the army coat and chukkas. Who doesn't enjoy listening to a fat Puerto Rican spit his shit about selling crack and pulling triggers? Nunca quieren beefeo conmigo. You heard that Papoose? On a side note, his fitted game is pretty mean- especially with those NHL jumpoffs.

Let's be serious though, if it wasn't for top notch production from Premier, Diamond D, Buckwild, Domingo, Finesse and other crate diggers, his gangsta shit wouldn't have been as gangsta.

His new album The Elephant in the Room drops next Tuesday, 3/11. While I doubt anybody reading this will cop it, it was refreshing to hear the track Primo did for him, "That White." Shouting out his fellow D.I.T.C. members is something we haven't heard in a while. Who would have ever pictured Preem sampling a Jeezy line? Not me, but he pulled it off nonetheless. Check the Who Got Gunz track and peep the similarities- any Primo fan knows that drums get recycled at times. Between Cam, Joe, Jeezy, T.I. and Gucci Mane there is so much coke in hip hop. I hope they don't get caught.

Below is the Fat Joe/DJ Premier discography. Try to erase those images of Joe making it rain with Lil' Weezy and remember the chubby borinquen that used to stick up his cousin and devour those transfats. We miss you Joey.

That White- Fat Joe

Success Remix- Fat Joe

The Shit Is Real Remix- Fat Joe

Dat Gangsta Shit- Fat Joe

Da Enemy- D.I.T.C. (Big L and Fat Joe)

Who Got Gunz- Gang Starr ft. Fat Joe and M.O.P.

1, 2 Pass It- D&D All Stars ft. Mad Lion, Doug E. Fresh, KRS-One, Fat Joe, Smif N Wessun and Jeru The Damaja

1, 2 Pass It Remix- D&D All Stars ft. Mad Lion, Doug E. Fresh, KRS-One, Fat Joe, Smif N Wessun and Jeru The Damaja


R. said...

beefeo? lol

buckemdown said...

How you gonna mention Fat Joe's producers to whom he owes credit and not mention Scott Storch?? As much as we all hate him, he did give the Crack Man one of his greatest hits - Lean Back, of course. Aside from that, I really don't believe that Fat Joe owes all his success to producers. While he has indisputably gotten some great tracks, I think that's attributed to the fact that he actually does have skills. It is kinda perplexing though, for some reason I do keep expecting his act to get old and for him to let me down, but his flow really is consistently nasty and he manages to keep me as a fan.