Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day.

Living in the Irish ghetto, I would be remiss to not wish everyone a jovial and peaceful St. Patrick's Day. Right. I'm sure I'll be waking up at 3 am, then 4 am, and possibly 5 am to a variety of sounds, and then might be greeted by a passed out donkey in the alleyway when I leave for work. Let's not that forget that a year ago today, while looking for parking, I was stuck behind a cab letting out passengers and a balls naked donkey ran in front of my car and freaked my headlight. It fucked me up for a minute, but I've gotten past it. I hope that dude was deported. Only in Woodlawn. I hope the term donkey doesn't offend anyone.

It should be known that the Irish bakery on 235th and Katonah closed several months ago and they made the BEST scones in the city. I kid you not. The plain with raisins and a spread of butter was the shit. If anybody can recommend a truly authentic scone, please do. Word is/was that a Dunkin' Donuts might move in. Am I the only person that is disgusted by DD taking over every piece of real estate in the city, primarily the outer boroughs and neighborhoods you might not consider affluent? It's either a bank or a DD with a Baskin' Robbins. I like ice cream and I like donuts, but I've had close to 20K worth of dental work done over the last 5 years and I'm not trying to give the dentist another fucking dollar. True story. It's a shame independently run businesses are getting run out of NYC. Support local businesses. They won't be around forever.

This shirt might be last year's, but the message is the same. "Suck it Boston" glows in the dark by the way. Fuck the Red Sox- the Yankees will win the division this year. Beckett's a fat fuck and the rest of their staff is a bit suspect. We might not have gotten Johan, but Hughes and Kennedy should perform on the much better side of good. As long as Moose can give us some vintage, we'll be fine. And our offense... Wow- no need to even discuss that. When Giambi and Hideki aren't guaranteed a spot in the line-up, you know it's serious.

I know it's cliche to throw some House of Pain on but fuck it, who else reps the Irish lads? You know who- JIM KAHN. The dude just exudes Irish. Black and white sausage for breakfast every morning, with his Lucozade and a shot of Jameson, and the dude is good to go. The dude pisses green and shits leprechauns. On a side note I remember thinking that Everlast wasn't even Irish, but Albanian. I thought that the Albanian flag with the eagles was in one of his Rhyme Syndicate videos. I'm probably totally wrong, but the shit's stuck with me for years.

Enjoy the beats:



King of the Neighborhood

The Bogeyman is Real

For the Record

House of Pain:

Top O' The Morning To Ya

Jump Around

Jump Around Pete Rock Remix

Danny Boy, Danny Boy

House of Pain Anthem

Shamrocks and Shenanigans


thekid10705 said...

Hilarious post Fresh, sorry bout'the headlight but you know how those "donkeys' get down..Shit, I'm not offend by the word either..is what it is!.I went yesterday for a minute but only cuase I was off...Am I getting older or did I never really give a fuck about the day since high school?Anyways, very good look today with the Yanks @ Vtech..Imagine how shook you you would be if you went to school there, serious shit...Sidenote..I wasn't kidding about opening the spot kid, fo real'...holla at me...

HowFresh said...

I know you weren't offended, you're not Irish. I start throwing barbs at Serbs and Croats and you might turn your sunglasses into nunchucks and really go nuts.

Cooking up porter house and uptowns.

buckemdown said...

Time out. Is there a business venture brewing here? Do I smell and "Steaks and Sneaks" in our future? Can't wait. Anyway, scones at Eileen's Country Kitchen (as far as I can remember) are pretty good too. Never had the ones at the Irish bakery though, so can't really do the comparison. I think that every Patty's Day from now until eternity it'll be my duty to apologize to you How, for introducing you to the debauchery that is DonkeyLand. Sorry.

thekid10705 said...

Buck em down, shut em down!!!!yeah yeah, X to the next...I'm really feeling the hip-hop/urabn, all types of dope shit were into shop located somewhere in teh beautiful BX...Jawbreakers are starting to pop so we might as well have a spot to sell our merchandise outta..whatcha guys really think?/I know Fresh thought of it before and who better than Fresh to run it...you guys tell me..I think we can come up with 100k with our eyes closed...snack on that gentleman..dinobravoeats.afro.com

buckemdown said...

Yeah man, definitely like the idea. Been toying with that one for some time now. Let me know when it pops - I got a crispy Benjemin that I've been looking for just the right investment to put it in.