Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MC Serch and Ego Trip are Back!!

EXCLUSIVE! ego trip's Miss Rap Supreme Trailer

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This time not with John Brown and the White Rapper Show, but with Miss Rap Supreme, where a group of females live in the Fembassy (hysterical) to claim the queen's throne, reportedly co-hosted by Yo-Yo. Don't forget that without Serch and the creative folks at Ego Trip none of us would be dropping Hallelujah Holla Backs. King of the Burbs baby, the Burbs. I'm hyped for this one. I saw this on Nahright, but had to do my own write-up.

I've always had a lot of respect for Serch, partly because he's a member of the Tribe, but also cause the dude could spit and created some classic hip hop with Prime Minister Pete Nice. Plus he always sported dope kicks in videos and album artwork. Grape Jordan 5s on the "Pop Goes the Weasel" 12", Air Trainer Huaraches on Return of the Product, and some Flights on the cover of Derelicts of Dialect. Underrated lyrically, his contributions to hip hop go greatly unnoticed. He is responsible for both Nas' and O.C.'s careers. That's gold right there. Years later he brought us Non Phixion, a mainstay in the NYC underground circuit in the late 90's.

Prime Minister Pete Nice aka Peter Nash took a completely different path after 3rd Bass disbanded. He moved to Cooperstown, NY to follow his love for baseball and become a historian of the sport. He owned a baseball memorabilia shop and last I heard was in the process of opening a bar called 3rd Bass- only Serch, Pete Nice, and KMD in the jukebox. He has since written 2 books Baseball Legends of Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery (2003) and Boston's Royal Rooters (2005), and produced the film Rooters: The Birth of Red Sox Nation (2007). A bit too much Sawx affinity for me. From hip hop to baseball- that is some dream type shit. We should all be so lucky. Peep this article on ESPN about him HERE.

From the "Wordz of Wizdom" video shoot- Serch in the NB 710s getting his groove on.

Some classic joints:

3rd Bass- Product of the Environment Remix

3rd Bass- Brooklyn Queens

3rd Bass- Steppin' to the AM

3rd Bass- Gas Face

3rd Bass- Pop Goes the Weasel

MC Serch- Back to the Grill ft. Chubb Rock, Red Hot Lover Tone and Nasty Nas

Prime Minister Pete Nice- Rat Bastard

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