Tuesday, March 11, 2008

H is for Hate.

As in I hate myself. I don't need them, but I'm addicted to the H. Not that H, but the "H". It's like a blind rage takes over and I need to cop. I'm sick as a dog, so that might be contributing to the feelings of disgust. When you're already feeling under the weather don't celebrate St. Patty's day a week early with beers, some crazy oreo Moloko Clockwork Orange libation, and Indian street snacks. That shit will put you on the straight path to misery.

Hats are buttahs though- teal with silver and black with white- little checkerboard touch. I don't really understand the use of special materials or graphics on the underside of the bill. Nobody sees it and it might bother your eyes after looking at some weird design all day. Crooks and Castles always puts some bandana print under their caps. Fuck it.

And keeping with the countdown to the release of Fat Joe's Elephant in the Room tomorrow (really today), 3/11, peep the cap he designed. There's really nothing nice about it. I'm not a big fan of elephants. If it was a silhouette of a bison or an eagle, or even an alligator head, that might work. This is just a rather rudimentary drawing of an elephant and the logo's too big. And the black/purple/teal colorway is OD.

There is an album release event at the New Era store- 4th Street between Broadway and Lafayette. Tell me how it is.

Watch Coka Baby cop some fitteds and discuss the true meaning of a New Era cap HERE.


buckemdown said...

I don't understand - how isn't 3 great things better than one? Your stomach should be smiling right now homie. The Korova Milk Bar is my shit now. Those banos must get a real workout.

HowFresh said...

One would think that would be the case. I must have a hypersensitive stomach.