Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Red Hook Ball Fields- The Games Go On!!

The inaugural post on Howfresheats was a mini photo collage of the Red Hook Ball fields out in Brooklyn. No editorial, just some photos to whet the appetite. Rumor had it that the summer of '07 would be the last to enjoy the wide variety of all the Central/South American cuisine. The vendors had no permits- they had been coming out for 15 years or so to feed the soccer players and give them a taste of home. Over the years the park's popularity grew exponentially, and one would assume caught the attention of the Park's Department. Without permits, the show could go on no longer. They received a reprieve this past summer and were able to operate until September 21st. I was lucky enough to make it out there twice- once in August for dolo and finally on September 20th with a little company. I had accepted the fact that this would be it.

Thankfully, I was wrong. We have just received some good news. The Food Vendors Committee of Red Hook Park have received a permit to keep churning out some great food for the next 6 years. But wait- read this article and you will see that it's not perfect and there is some ambiguity as to how the vendors will continue to operate. I'm sure they'll figure something out to keep all parties content, and more importantly keep our bellies smiling.

One of the many treats I sampled out there was a Huarache. Until then I just thought Huaraches were footwear- originally a sandal type shoe and ultimately one of the dopest Nikes ever made. A huarache is a cheeseless quesadilla. They make the tortilla in front of you and then load it up with steak or chicken, lettuce, tomato, sprinkled queso blanco and a white sauce. Add some salsa verde and you good to go. Costs $5 or $6 and is delicious.

Here's the original post- Red Hook Brooklyn- Go Hungry. What you will see is some great shrimp ceviche, chorizo and chicken tacos, and El Salvadorian Pupusas which are stuffed tortillas with a variety of fillings.

I know traveling to BK from the Bronx isn't that appealing, but believe you me, it's worth it. The car ride is pretty easy- Deegan to the BQE to Exit 26- Hamilton Ave. Get off the exit, make a right on Clinton Street and you can't miss it.

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buckemdown said...

You can certainly count me in for a road trip. Missed out last summer, and just glad they got a reprieve. Gringo always late to the game.