Saturday, March 29, 2008

NY Times Discredits HowfreshEats' Burger Opinion

Do they really want to battle? I was built for this. In Friday's Escapes section (3/28/08) the Times did a piece on NJ Turnpike eating. Starting in Hackensack and making their way down to Pennsville, a stones throw from PA, they visited around 10 spots, each with something different to offer. The front page had a huge photo of White Manna, describing it as "a piece of hamburger heaven in Hackensack." As I've said before, I disagree, but the article is worth the read and I suggest you take some mental notes for the next time you're cruising the NJTP. It seems that I'm in the minority of not loving the White Manna product, but I will not waiver.

Read the article HERE.

While we're speaking of burgers, May 20th will host the Burger Battle of the Boroughs in Astoria, NY. Each borough sans Staten Island will battle for All-City burger supremacy. For all the info check HERE. The Bronx's only representative is Coals on Eastchester Road. I've wanted to check them out but haven't had a chance to. We should write-in Piper's Kilt. But then the other places wouldn't have a chance. Sissies. More burger news- April brings us 2 new burger books- The Hamburger: A History and Hamburger America: One Man's Cross-Country Odyssey to Find the Best Burgers in the Nation. The second book might lead to many a road trip. Read more about them HERE.

Now I discuss irony. While in H-ouston, I missed another H fitted from Fitted H-awaii. Manilla gold cap with green H- Green Bay Packer colorway. So I didn't cop any Astros fitteds in H-town and I missed out on another H-awaii joint. It just might be time to hang it up and retire from the game.

Peep the new video from Blu & Exile- "Blu Collar Workers". Tell me dude doesn't look like Bubbles from The Wire. It even looks like he lives in his sister's basement.


GrantC said...

Gotta love that good soulful LA music. Exile definitely reps. Check out old Aloe Blac and Exile from the Emanon days.

buckemdown said...

So basically a simple "n" separates the below average from the elite? White Mana in NJ - awful burgers; White Manna in NJ - best burgers ever. Good thing there's no confusion. Anybody wanna open up a Burger Kong with me? Should be great success.

dfacedxa said...

i thought the same thing when i seen him on the cover art for the album with exile