Monday, April 21, 2008

Matzoh- BALLIN' with a Halal Lean!!!!!!!!!

Yes yes. I just got my hands on a rough copy of the Jim Jones remix. Showing love to all the industry bigwigs. A happy Pesach to all. For the unchosen folks out there, Saturday night was the beginning of Passover and it runs until Sunday night, April 27th. No bread, pasta, rice, beer, etc. for 8 days. Click HERE for a brief lesson. It can get difficult, but I imagine the Exodus from Egypt was a bit more trying. At least I get to fantasize about what non Kosher grub I'm going to get romantic with for a week. I have several options on the table. We'll see what happens.

For anybody that never had a bowl of matzoh ball soup, I suggest giving it a try. I would tell you to try my mother's, but that would be impossible, so hit up a local Jewish deli and give it a shot. Don't get swayed by size. Bigger is not better- usually the bigger they are, the fluffier they are and not dense enough. They fall apart too easily and the soup becomes a mess. The perfect size is around the size of a small hand ball. And they have to float. Add some bletlach aka potato starch noodles, and you might throw a yarmulke on and get Bar Mitzvahed.

On Saturday, knowing I was about to get my Kosher for Passover on, I needed to quench my starch cravings. Sparked it with some Rye bread for breakfast. Had a 3 Boys slice for lunch, and was later introduced to The I DON'T UNDERSTAND ARABIC Grill House on Bronxdale Ave. where I had a really tasty chicken kebab pita sandwich. If anybody can translate what the sign says, please enlighten us. Maybe it says Grill House- I don't know. I'd like to thank Berto for putting me on. According to Berto, this might be the only spot in the BX that makes falafel, outside of Riverdale. Yes there is falafel in the BX. Thought you'd like to know that. Personally, I don't fuck with falafel- another of my many food allergies- so call me skip when it comes to anything chick pea. Luckily, Berto is a self- proclaimed falafel expert, and he throws up the vegan V in approval. The menu was pretty thorough in case falafel isn't to your liking. In the front counter there were many skewers to choose from so I ordered the chicken. Once cooked it was thrown in the pita and accompanied with tzatziki, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

In my capacity I'm doing what I can to unite torn communities, Halal during the day and Kosher at night. I wished the dude behind the counter a happy Pesach and he spit in my food. I kid. No bullshit, food is the greatest uniter. Seeing what some of the locals were eating- a lot of rice dishes with chicken and other meats, I look forward to checking it out soon. This spot is between Frankie & Johnnie's Pine Tavern and White Plains Road on Bronxdale. I must have driven past it a bunch of times, completely oblivious that it ever existed. It's tiny inside, 4 -5 tables, but a nice sized kitchen. For my vegetarian friends that say I show no love, here you go.

Pardon the shitty cell phone pics. I was ill-prepared for this one.

The Grill House
1991 Bronxdale Ave.
Call for hours.

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buckemdown said...

I'm definitely a tad bit tardy to this game, but understand that I've finally come to fully appreciate the deliciousness that is Middle Eastern food. So I will definitely be checking this for some relatively close falafel. Oh, and the sign reads "Jews stay out" - good thing you look black.