Monday, April 14, 2008

Gimme an H!

Haven't had an H appreciation post in a while and knew all of you wanted some H in your life. Today I bring you the purple with the silverish grey H and black star. An exclusive from Cap City in West New York, NJ. I never understood WNY, NJ- that shit makes no sense. Lavender button and underbill as well as the eyes on each panel. Pretty dope. Used to love purple, but as I've aged, it's a bit loud. That still didn't stop me from snatching it up.

Went to Packer's in Teaneck after that and bumped into some major air force exclusives. It's really uncommon to see a shoe drop completely under the radar. Between the internet and all these sneaker stores, information is everywhere. And there's too much of it. I miss the days when you can walk into a store and be surprised with the inventory. Nowadays you know release schedules going as far as spring 2009. These were a surprise, but wasn't feeling them that much. Quality is no joke though. Oily leather with smooth nubuck and leather insole and lining. Leather midsoles as well, with an ice rubber outsole. The leather insole usually indicates an insideout release, but I didn't get a chance to see the label. What I do know is that each has a retail price of around $300. But Packer's looks out and is selling them for $250. I don't think any of them are especially dope, and nothing that would make me consider dropping that much loot. Other good news on the Air Force front- I spotted the House of Hoops air force exclusives- the black with various mid soles- in a local Bronx Mom & Pop shop, and they were only a bill- marked down from $125. Full size run but no 11.5. Of course not. I couldn't be that lucky.

Black with brown swoosh

Brown mid and back panel, and eye stay with black nubuck toe and front panel

Burgundy back and mid panel, and eye stay with black nubuck toe and front panel- reptile swoosh

Grey back and mid panel, and eye stay with black nubuck toe and front panel- silver swoosh

Wu-Tang at Irving Plaza/Filmore West tonight. Considering they all show up, should be a dope show. Will have some musical treats to post in the near future.

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