Tuesday, April 22, 2008

H is for Hot Buttah.

Another H that slipped between my fingers. Burgundy with forest green is a very fresh look. Life goes on.

Haven't hit you with the beats in a minute. Found this Doo Wop Spring 1 from 1994 that is some classic material. The intro freestyle that starts with Tha Alkaholiks "Likwit" joint featuring Wop, Snaggapus, that light skinned bitch Uneek, Chris G, Rev Gotti, Sadat X, and Lord Tariq is some beautiful shit. 7 minutes of pure buttahs. And when D. Original drops after that, oh boy. No track listing, but trust me, each track is heat, and the element of surprise always makes for a more enjoyable listen.

Doo Wop Spring 1 1994- Side A

Doo Wop Spring 1 1994- Side B

Realized I never had Fakin' The Funk on the H-Pod so I had to burn it to disc. This track never gets boring. From 1992 off the White Boys Can't Jump soundtrack.

Fakin' The Funk- Main Source

Sticking with Doo Wop, I was able to get my hands on the original 12" in order to burn both joints. Good looks to Berto for blessing me with the vinyl. Original Bounce Squad Records pressings. It's impossible to find this shit today. CLASSIC SHIT. 1994.

Da Bounce Master- Doo Wop & The Bounce Squad

Hit 'Em In The Head- Doo Wop & The Bounce Squad

Found this while doing a little digging the other day. In the 90's "Bits & Pieces" were released almost each year- basically a blend of the most popular joints. 1994 was a good year.

1994 Bits & Pieces- Hip Hop

Switching it up on some smooth shit, let me tell you, it took me forever to get my hands on this. Couldn't find it online and wasn't able to find the LP. And it's not like Love Unlimited records are hard to come by. These shits run the $4 crates. Anyway, I've always vibed to this shit. The intro and the chorus get me loose. 1974 off the In Heat LP. Barry's girls.

I Love You So, Never Gonna To Let You Go- Love Unlimited


thekid10705 said...

yeahhhhhh, good lookin' out on the post...good to see you back...you must been eating all over the place...get at me..we need to scout locations for the hip hop spot already...

dolo said...

i hope the record was very playable. imma go for some falafel . peace