Saturday, April 11, 2009

How is this Fight not on PPV?? Winky Wright v. Paul "The Punisher" Williams tonight on HBO.

Winky Wright (51-4-1, 25 KOs)


Paul Williams (36-1, 27 KOs)

I'm not complaining at all. Better for my broke ass. But it's a sad commentary on boxing that a fight of this caliber can't generate TV sales. With no 24-7 how could anybody be interested? What the fuck do I care how these dudes carry themselves outside of the ring? As long as they come ready to die in the box that's all I can ask for. Come on people- let's bring boxing back to its glory days. Fuck that MMA nonsense.

There are a lot of similarities between Wink and Williams. They were both feared on their way up and had troubles fighting the top dogs. Boxers are tough but know who might knock them the fuck out. Wink might see part of himself in Williams and is giving him a shot to rise to the next level, something that wasn't provided for him till years later. It's definitely a risky move for Wink, but great for boxing. I'm far from an expert or analyst, but feel Wink has the advantage. Williams had to move up to 160 from his normal 147. It's tougher to move up- the extra weight slows you down and the power isn't quite there when dealing with a vet at that level. William's 10 inch reach advantage makes things interesting, but Wink's the defense king with this forearm shields. Williams fought a little more than 4 months ago while it's been close to 2 years since Wink got in the ring. Wink is 37, Williams is 10 years his junior. We'll just have to find out tonight. All I know is that I'm excited.

The undercard is a treat too featuring heavyweights Chris "The Nippy Nip" Arreloa vs. Jameel McCline. Arreola is a beast from East LA and one of the most touted heavyweights on the rise. He's 26-0 and should be Joe Girardi status once the night's over or better yet, Yankee championships following this season status.

HBO at 10 pm. If you can tune in at 8 catch "Thrilla in Manilla" a documentary on the epic battle and rivalry between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

Paul The Punisher Williams' Greatest Hits courtesy of HBO

Winky Wright's Greatest Hits courtesy of HBO


Chick said...

Me too. Excited about this fight. Winky needs this one. A draw against Taylor ended with controversy as to whether or not he gave the last couple of rounds to Taylor. Winky actually won that fight. A loss against Hopkins who purposely head-butted, and held Winky all night. Winky actually won that fight too. Winky has something to prove. He is a world champion many times over, but people seem to forget that. He was on the best p4p lists for a long time. Williams is a young fighter who is going to get a major education tonight and a serious ass whoopin. Don't blink while watching and thank HBO for not putting it on PPV.

GrantC said...

Pulling for Winky, but I think it may be a long night. Pwill throws too many punches and Winky tends to take time off during the fight when he is in his shell defensive mode. That means Pwill should be able to win rounds. Then again, Winky may have too much experience for Pwill. Oh and mark my words, Arreola is gonna knock McCline the f*ck out.

HowFresh said...

Williams is a freak of nature. Dude is talented. He made Wink look old- very old. That 21 month layoff definitely affected him. Wanting Wink to win had me frustrated throughout all 12 rounds. Williams just doesn't let up.

Would love to see Williams v Pavlik.