Monday, April 13, 2009

Obligatory Pause of the Day- "Edam Balls Cheese << From Holland >>."


I ate it. Pause².

I enjoyed it. Pause³.

I love cheese. I could eat cheese all day everyday. Luckily I'm not lactose intolerant. Garden Gourmet on 234th and Broadway, an independent food market, not as great as Fairway, but much better than C-Town, has a very extensive cheese selection with personnel cutting and preparing all day. Cheese can cost you a lot of cheese so whenever they have their specials I go in. Since the elementary school days of research reports on the Netherlands with their chocolates and tulips and diagrams of windmills, I've taken an interest in the Dutch. If only the kid puff puff passed. Anyway I saw the red wax and grabbed a chunk. With Passover, my diet is on some different shit so matzoh and cheese have been the staples. I can't wait to get busy with flour, yeast and starches. I don't know why it's been so difficult this year.

I didn't notice the label till I got home. Not that that would have swayed my decision, but the 4th grader in me found it extremely amusing. I've been meaning to write about cheese for a minute now so this pushed me over the hump. I don't quite understand why "balls" is needed on the label. It's too round to be a wheel, but too oblong to be a ball- and football doesn't count- a ball needs to be round. Whatever. Edam balls it is. The arrows around Holland indicate that Dutch balls are better? I have no clue.

I was having a discussion about "Pause" this weekend. Right after I ate the cheese. How did it get so popular? I don't think it's mainstream yet- mostly within the hip hop vernacular. If you're a midwestern mall rat or a Cali surfer- is it part of your jargon? I remember hearing it on late 90's Stretch and Bobbitos where they were gigging on callers and each other. The "Pause" usually preceded the "AAYYYYYYOOO". So were they the originators? I then recall Flex on Hot 97 using it a short while later. His was a bit corny though. Nowadays it's everywhere. So who deserves the credit? Not that it even matters, but who stakes claim as the King of Pause? We have a King of Chill, King of Swing, King of Sun, King of Just, King of T. This knowledge will satiate the empty void that lingers in my inner regions. AAAYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

The Pause and AYO! hats are exclusive and available at your favorite little North Upper East Side/Southern Spanish Harlem (I don't know the neighborhood lines anymore) establishment, Goliath. What up to Rose and Dee.


buckemdown said...

I definitely accredit its origination to Stretch and Bobbito a good 15+ years ago, so I'd be interested to hear if that's wrong.

Oh, and cheese is King.

Dallas said...


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