Friday, April 10, 2009

Jury Duty, Jerk Shrimp and the Jankees.

I have no problem doing jury duty. Once every 4 years isn't a lot to ask. Last time I served some dude went to jail for robbing a "slow" cat in Arkansas fried chicken on University Ave. The other 11 jurors had it in for the dude- the minute we gathered to deliberate, "GUILTY" was declared before the door closed. I was the only person that wasn't as convinced. Anyway, I have some time now so it's not such an inconvenience to perform my civic duties. Also it would be my first time to be around the new Yankee Stadium since construction ended. But the Bronx court system is supremely fakin' the funk. Potential jurors now report to the new, fancy, expensive ($421 mil), and not so safe Bronx County Hall of Justice on 161st Street between Sherman and Grant Aves. Come to think of it, maybe the court officers were protecting us by forcing us to wait in a line outside the courthouse in the rain and cold and not risk injury by falling chandeliers or window panes. You would think they were giving out free TVs in the building or there was a sold out concert. No, just free pneumonia. But no free medical coverage or medicine when we get sick. What a fucking joke. To call this a lack of respect would be an understatement.

Long story short, jury duty got postponed for at least 6 months (I was a week late to show up and wasn't on the roll call), so I was able to get familiar with the new and improved Stadium and its surroundings. And of course hit one of my favorite Jamaican spots in the city- The Feeding Tree on Gerard off 161st. Fuck a hot dog the next time you hit a game, grab a patty or 2. I don't believe that patties have been banned in the new stadium. Yet. A neighborhood food roundup is in the works and FT tops the list.

Feeling like some sort of virus (pause) was on it's way, I preemptively struck with some soup of the day. Beef soup Monday, would have preferred chicken or fish, but their soups are always a good move- fresh, filling and cheap. A small costs $2 and had several chunks of beef, 2 smalls dumplings, potato and a variety of vegetables. It's a meal in itself. I figured I'd have the soup there and take the jerk shrimp to go.

Feeding Tree offers shrimp prepared several ways- curried, buttered, garlic, and jerk. All are recommended and 9 out of 10 times I order any of them. Seafood is made to order there, always a good look, and takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes. The menu states 20 minutes but it's usually quicker. Since we are still in the season of the jerk I followed suit and got my spice on. A medium ($12) includes about 12 shrimp over a bed of rice and peas with a square of cornbread. The shrimp are always cooked well, never too tough, and provide that snap that shrimp should have. FT isn't shy with the heat. No bullshit, I thought I could handle spice, but I'm quickly learning that my tongue is one big pussy. I need to get tougher. Thinly sliced carrots, onion and chopped green and red pepper are added to the mix bringing a needed balance of sweet and moistness to extinguish the fire in the mouth. The rice and peas are decent, more backdrop material, but the cornbread should be savored. Again, more sweet to stand up to that spice. It really isn't as painful as it sounds. All info at end of the post.

Before I spew disgust let me preface this by saying the indoor carpeted box office is a nice touch. However not having any pairs of tickets for less than $375 per seat for the entire 81 home game season is ridiculous. The ticket dude said that cheaper tickets were available but only in singles. Not bad if you roll with your boy but you can't bring your lady if you're not sitting together. 3 things- 1) you don't want her sitting next to some dirtbag Yankee fan, 2) you know she's rocking heels looking sexy type and having her on her feet all game is just not a good look. She'd probably want to break up with you by the 5th inning anyway. So don't be a cheap ass and take care of her, and 3) who brings their girl to a game when all the boys would appreciate it that much more. I'm kidding or serious depending on who's reading this.

Back to the tickets- I asked for several Tuesday night games from April to June, and there was nothing less than $75. What?? We're talking Oakland A's, Washington Nationals (the fucking Nats???) and the Rangers. I get it. People just want to be at the stadium this year, but I was shocked. Nothing beats a last minute decision to hit a game on a spring/summer night and copping some cheap tix at the stadium. But those days are long gone. Set adrift on memory bliss. No PM Dawn. Whatever, I'll get it in. The internets sure have fucked it up. Cats hip to the game in Wichita are copping and posting on craigslist. The new hustle.

Feeding Tree
892 Gerard Ave. between 161st and 162nd Streets
Bronx, NY 10452
Mon - Thur- 8 am - 10 pm
Fri & Sat- 8 am - 10:30 pm
Sun- 10 am - 7 pm
Train: 4, B, D to Yankee Stadium stop

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Allen said...

Can't beat a beef patty appetizer before the game. Always impressed anytime I see the dining area packed before a game, good for them and good for yankee fans. said...

Well, I don't really think it may have success.