Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terrible Tuesday?? No- Hysterical Tuesday.

Tuesdays usually suck, but after watching this you will disagree.

This is the gift that keeps giving. Big shout to my boy Mark for passing this goody my way. The laughter hasn't ended. I can't stop playing it. HYSTERICAL. It reminds me of when you know you're about to vomit when you're talking to someone and you keep your responses real terse and soft spoken until you need to just spew. The Path To Destruction just makes it better. A premonition?

He says he's going to pass out 3 times, the first in a whisper. What does a handshake do? Unless that dude has hands of steel? Grab the guy, not his hands. Yes, this is amazing. I might have to start watching Mr. Beck on Fox News now. Who would have thought that the right wing agenda was this amusing. Word is the guest is alright. At least Mr. Beck seemed genuinely concerned for the dude's well-being. I imagine many of the on-air sorts would have been perturbed. But low top Chuck Taylors? Come on dude- at least wear some loafers. You have a reputation to maintain.

Pass this on to anybody that knows how to laugh. Your good deed of the day.

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