Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Golden Age of Hip Hop Awakes from Slumber to Appear in NYC Tonight!!!

So are we to believe that following a golden era is a slow decline? A quiet sendoff into the horizon? There's some realty to that in the world of hip hop but I try to look at the bright side of things. So depressing. And I feel so fucking old. Like a Golden Oldies show at AC with the Drifters and Belmonts.

I hate the name of this show. But I look past the title and check the artists. Lord Finesse, Brand Nubian, Chubb Rock, Doug E. Fresh, Positive K, and Sweet Tee tonight at Irving Plaza- wait The Filmore NY (like Irving Plaza wasn't good enough). Hosted by Red Alert and music by Jazzy Joyce. What self-respected hip hop head wouldn't want the be in attendance? 40 beans for entrance is pretty steep ($43.50 actually), but based on what you're getting in return it's not bad at all. $7 per artist is more than reasonable. Knitting Factory fucked it up for us- $15 concert tix were unbelievable and unrealistic. No wonder the place closed down.

If I had my druthers (don't ask), these are the tracks I would want to hear from each artist. Some of these are more than likely to be played while others are a long shot.

MC Lyte ft. Positive K- I'm Not Havin' It

Wow. I don't expect Lyte to appear, but stranger things have happened. The song isn't the same without her. Wishful thinking. 4%.

Lord Finesse ft. Big L Yes You May (Funk Flow Remix)
Hmmmm. I saw Finesse perform years ago and don't know what his present day sets consist of. Obviously L won't be there to assist him with this one, but if Finesse knows his contingency, he should go in on this. "Strictly for the Ladies" was a very close second but I'm pretty confident he'll do it. 54% chance.

Chubb Rock- Ya Bad Chubbs

Chubb's first hit. "I am not Robocop, I'm Chubb Rock." 60% chance for at least one verse.

Doug E. Fresh- I-Ight (Alright) [All Star Remix]
This isn't the version I want to hear but I couldn't find that shit anywhere. Thought I had the 12" but can't find and my searches on the net proved fruitless. I want the original video version where ESG's "UFO" is used. 100% chance on this one- 80% on the dope version.

I have 2 for Brand Nubes:

Brand Nubian- Love Me or Leave Me Alone (Remix)
The original is dope enough but this version is darker and dirtier. Super long shot on this one- I'd say 0%. 100% on the original version.

Brand Nubian- Step Into Da Cipher
The guitar from the jump and Buckshot's vocal sample made this shit a banger. Add Snagglepuss and you win. I could do without Maestro Manny and one or 2 of the other cats. 3% chance.

Sweet Tee
I'm really not a fan. Same goes for Suga.

Tix are unavailable online but can be purchased at the Irving Plaza- oops, damn, The Filmore NY @ Irving Plaza box office. For more info click HERE.

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HowFresh said...

I batted 0 last night. None of my requests were played. I'm not built for the odds game.