Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Wallos, My Wallos, I Love Those, My Wallos, Especially the Blue and Cream...

I hope you don't think my shelves are only stocked with forces, wildwoods, and various other sneakers. I might not be a complete adult yet, but there are times when I need to get my mature Fresh on. And when those times call, I dip into my closet and pull out some wallies. I haven't graduated to hard bottoms yet- no Aldo or K. Cole for me. Strictly wallies on my feet. They can go with almost anything- though they don't work well with a suit- forces might go better, especially some pony hair joints. Oooweee.

While I love to talk about what I have and how it makes me feel inside, I'm here to share some very valuable information. Clarks are not safe in this recession and that is evident at Perfect Fit on Canal Street. The sticker reads $130. 50% off is $65. 15% less of that is $55.25. If only Foxy could do math like that. Yes peoples- $55 for a pair of wallies. 2 for less than the price of 1 at Bostonian and other Clark's suppliers. And the shelves are packed with tons of flavors- keep in mind however, NO LOWS. With my bony ankles I prefer the mids, but the sexy ankle types prefer to let them breathe. Suedes, leathers, canvas, browns, blacks, whites, camos, beige, pinstripes, plaids, and the list goes on. If you have tired of wallos and are Desert Boot status- they got those too.

They have all the staples- the sand suede, brown suede, black leather, brown tumbled, brown oily and so on. They also have some treats. A dark chocolate brown shiny leather, a weathered taupe suede-like pair, black leather toe with nubuck sides (copped all 3), a caramel oily pair that is so dope. Too bad they didn't have my size. Tobacco suede, burgundy leather, navy suede. You get the picture. They have a lot. The entire store is 50% off plus more depending on the label. Converse, Adidas, Kenneth Cole, CAT, Ed Hardy and a variety of other brands. No Nike. You can come off. I also copped a pair of Saucony's- same model as these for $23.

Guilty by location, the notion that these are fake has been brought to my attention. I highly doubt that. I've copped pairs from here for years and they're legit. If they are fake, fuck it- they are real leather, great quality and look good. They just know how to do business during these dark days. They need to entice the spenders, and I'm proof that it works. I heard that within Obama's stimulus plan, he suggests that retail footwear should be cut by at least 40%. How can people walk to work if they can't afford a token or gas? The kicks need to remain affordable, and fresh. You need to look good to feel good. I can dig it.

The sale will be going on for at least 2 more weeks so head down. I don't have any Canal Street recommendations other than bootleg CDs are sold 20 feet towards the west (6 for $20) and Nike Sportswear is at 21 Mercer Street. Canal isn't the same. Plenty of empty store fronts and the tourists aren't around like they used to be. Be a good patriot and spend your bread. Support American businesses.

Yeah- I got some baby blue joints. Worn twice maybe. I'd like to know what I was thinking when I decided to go in. Maybe periwinkle will make a comeback in 2010. On a related note, has anybody thought of the idea of wearing "wallabies", aka small kangaroos on our dogs. I get over it, but it freaks me out a little. Baby roos on my feet. That's a bit macabre. I don't even eat veal. At least make some furry joints, a la Mauri's, so I can take this fly shit to the next level. One more Clark's gripe. Why can't they make an all black sole on the black pairs, instead of the off white gum sole painted on the sides. That shit loses it's color and it doesn't look that good. The older pairs used black rubber. Smarten up Clark's. If anybody out there is up on Wallie restoration, get at me. Need to revive some soles. The uppers last, but the soles get all fucked up. Thanks in advance.

Peep the alternate version of "The Forest." Additional lyrics and some major Wallabee promotion- the inspiration for this post's title.

Ghostface Killah- The Forest (promo clean LP version)

Perfect Fit
324 Canal Street (across from Mercer St.)
NY, NY 10013
7 days a week- 10 am- 7:30 pm


thekid10705 said...

You smashed it with this post!! I feel like taking a pic' of all my wally's right now!!! This version of the Forest is banana's too!!

HowFresh said...

Good looks. I hope you make a trip to Canal and cop some buttafuco flavors.

Dallas said...

I peeped that shot at Fox Boogie's suspect math skills.

Did you ever fuck with British Walkers? Ask somebody. They have to OG status tho' Y'all young dudes don't go back that far.

What up HowFresh? I thought we was gonna make this internets TV show together until I learned you was camera shy.

HowFresh said...

DP- British Walkers were before my time, though I'm familiar. Prefer a chunkier wally.

I'm ready playboy. Not camera shy- camera selective.

thekid10705 said...

What up DP-Lol @ Fresh who is camera selective!!