Thursday, February 5, 2009

H is for no longer on a Hiatus.

You lame jokes came close cause you hate us, No longer on a Hiatus...

Meanwhile it's all about the Hiatus, Read Fresh's latest, we love the attention when players hate us...

Diamond Ft. Cru- Hiatus Remix

Any excuse to listen to the Hiatus remix is good for me. Those strings, courtesy of Mr. Axelrod, are hypnotic. This shit always got me open, and will continue to do so. Probably one of my favorite Diamond tracks. And Cru, too bad they only dropped Da Dirty 30- a dope album at that. Yogi had the beats and Chadio kept you listening. Their logo of the half skull/half smiley face was one of the better images used in the hiphop game.

And a hiatus it has been. 2009 has not served my blog game well. In fact it's been pretty shitty. But when 2 lovely H caps appear at my doorstep that's the kick in the ass I need. It reminds me of the early days of HowfreshEats bundled up in my heatless apartment thinking of making it big one day. Well I have heat now and I ain't giving that shit up. So I need to get on my grind. I don't want to go back. Please Lord, don't allow that. 2009 is about forward progress. Superbowl is over and pitchers and catchers is about a week away. And the fantasy baseball mags are beginning to hit newsstands. Uh oh.

So let's discuss these gems. First off, black and orange might be the best colorway EVER. Giants, Bengals, Flyers- the shit always works. Too bad I don't have 2 noggins to rock both simultaneously. I'll work on that in the new year too. Both of these caps are simple, but fresh. The beauty of the black cap is the green underbill. Images of the late 80's- early 90's MLB caps appear. Green as grass baby. Just a nice touch. The orange cap was sort of an accident. I was set on the black and asked about the orange thinking they would be sold out since it dropped many moons ago. At first I thought I was off the hook when the dude said all he had was a 7 3/4. But a second later he found it and I took that as a sign of destiny so I had to go in. I look at it as if I saved some money on shipping. It's a win win.

Another great touch that Fitted Hawaii usually incorporates in their designs is the lack of any logo on the back or side. Another nod to the MLB caps pre-logo on the back. Aside from the mandatory New Era flag on the left side over the ear, the H is the star of the show. As it should be.


dfacedxa said...

yeah that hiatus remix is real dope i been a fan for a min. bronx reppin hard. on the H topic what was Manti Te'o thinking goin to notre dame... but his man in front of him had the fresh hawaii joint on

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