Friday, December 24, 2010

3, is the Magic Number!

Bob Dorough- Three is the Magic Number

Happy Birthday to me (HowfreshEats) and me (Howfresh)!!! 3 years since I stepped on the scene. Originally a gift that was meant to keep giving, but writing's become more a chore than the fun, creative outlet it's supposed to be. We've been slow motion for the past year or so, only 17 posts thus far. A tad more frequent than that female friend. Don't fret- engine's revved, foot's on gas, optimism for numero cuatro. I do appreciate the few readers that have stuck around- those stubborn mufuers.

De La Soul- Magic Number

This the type of soiree we're talking about. That photo is more of a reenactment but you get the picture. Less pigs at my party. I'm in to more stand-up broads. Peep the cake though. We had the sparklers sparkling. I see my man Puerto Rico in the corner. What up playboy!!

Then shit got crazy. I really have no explanation other than shorty wanted cake on her bum! I ain't eating off it though. Don't really know her too well. Kind of pissed cause the artwork and frosting was PROPERS. She was expeditiously removed from the venue. We're too highbrow for these sort of shenanigans. And her boobie's looking all sorts of retarded, tampered with steez. We only deal with Mensa itties!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Shit! I knew I forgot something!

My blog.

Here's hoping it doesn't happen again.

I'm glad I was able to have Dennis Franz portray the melon slapper. NYPD Blue was my shit.