Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cam'ron at BB King's Tonight 6/30/09 - The HFE Crime Pays Contest/Giveaway.

Peep footage from the show HERE.


Cam says you better know his shit, no homo.

I have a pair of tickets for tonight's Cam show at BB King's courtesy of HowfreshEats. Doors open at 8pm, show to start not that long after. Apparently the days of late night hip hop shows are a thing of the past. This wasn't an aberration. The venue said that Cam should be on stage by 9:30 or so. Unbelievable.

I'm new to this contest thing, at least on the giving end, pause, though the other choice would have been the super pause. I'll ask 3 questions and a bonus just because. First person to answer all correctly will get the pair. I'll advise once there's a winner. I'll be at the venue tonight, so either I'll hit you with them hand to hand or leave them at willcall, if that's a possibility. We'll see.

All questions are from Crime Pays.

1) What color does Cam repeatedly mention in "Cookin' Up" and how many times does he say it?

2) In "Get it in Ohio" what color is his Jag, piff, goose and coupe?

3) In "Chalupa" the brother's his worker- what's his sister and what do they call his mother?

Bonus Question:

"Let's Talk About" is that joint. Might have been the best track on the album if it had been on, and he out shined Jada. But I digress, where does Cam hit the hard rocks?

Cam'ron ft. Jadakiss- Let's Talk About

Send all answers to the email in red to the right.

Monday, June 29, 2009

From the Se-veeeeeen to the Fooouuuur, and the Mets Can't Hit the Ball, and The Yankees Win it All, Oh Sweep Sweep Mufuer, Oh Sweep Sweep Mufuer...

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep, Sweep, Sweep...

I couldn't let this opportunity pass. Even if it is against a minor league team. Manny's in the minors, and Manny's great, so if A=B=C we swept a great team? No. But the Yanks did what they were supposed to- beat a shitty team. About time.

And a big congrats to Mo, the greatest closer of our era, if not ever. 5 large and counting. As well as 1 and counting. RBIs that is. Awesome- K-Rod's such a dick. The dominance is unprecedented. Trevor Hoffman aside, Mo is in a league of his own. Having witnessed his entire career, the man is amazing- and he's still doing it. Just when you think he's lost a step, he comes back and dominates. And he wears # 42, 24 backwards so the jersey shirt has been in the stable for a minute. I'd say he's due for an authentic, so when the time is right, 42 is next.

Big shout to Buckemdown on the title co-credit. Kind of like the Posada to Mo. PAUSE.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Shake Shack Boogie, Shake Shack Boogie... How to Maneuver With Precision When the Shack Attack Hits.

Disclaimer: This probably doesn't work all the time. And it's more convenient for those that live in the UWS and north of. I'd say late weekdays are the best for attempting this. Use common sense, but act quick. If you've invested too much time on the line (15 min +), you're locked in. There is no guarantee that it'll work but sometimes it's just better to be in motion.

Shake Shack Boogie, Shake Shack Boogie...Now everybody sing along.

Chicago Gangsters- Gangsta Boogie

I had the itch on Tuesday. Jonesing like a mufuer. Earlier in the day I knew I would be around Madison Square Park, so what better way than to cool out after some ball? Fade-away jumper status, not bottle popping. Since my NW trip I've been eating fairly healthy (read less red meat) so no guilt would be associated with this mini feast. But who am I kidding? Like I ever think twice before I eat.

Here's how it went. 9:20-ish or so and I'm heading into the SE corner of Madison Square Park. The line is crazy- 75 to 100 people deep. Fuck that- though I join it. Can't keep still- tapping my feet and swaying side to side.
Man, I ain't trying to wait this long. I need a Shack Burger and I need it NOW.
Ahhh, but the kid is thinking. I need to head uptown anyway so maybe it's worth trying the UWS SS (Upper West Side Shake Shack dummy). Truth be told I'm an IRT dude, not so up on the BMT or IND lines, so I needed to do some quick research to see which route was quickest. N-R to 34th St., transfer to B and take it to 81st St.- Museum of Natural History. I could have walked to 23rd and 6th, but I enjoy transferring, makes the trip seem more arduous.

It was beautiful. The total ride was 15 minutes or so. The walk to the SS was an additional 5 minutes at a rather slow pace (the back cars let you out near the 77th St. exit). I doubt I would have gotten halfway had I waited. Walk in the door like BOOM and there are 4 people on line. Buttahs. I'm feeling good.

Place the How Fresh- (yeah, that's what I'm calling it because it doesn't change- shack burger, second city bird dog, black and white milk shake and either the seasonal brew on tap or a Shackmeister Ale.) Ask for the beer while I wait and cool out. Getting the beer while you wait is the G move- 1) it's fun to drink beer, 2) if the wait is long, which it usually is, it adds some enjoyment to a rather mundane activity, 3) you look kind of cool drinking brew- especially since I don't smoke cigs, and 4) they might forget they gave you the beer and hit you with another one. Now, to clarify the final point, I'm not a dirtbag. In fact I'm kind of an ethicist and dishonesty would go against my beliefs. So when I received the other beer, I advised them that this was a double dip.

Then I hit them with the "don't I get a free beer for honesty?" The girl said, "well if you're taking your food to go you can't take the beer anyway." Ahh- good one. She walked away, packed my order to go and then asked if I wanted it. Was a bit surprised. Told her I was trying to cut down the drinking and this wasn't helping to which she replied, "we poured it so you might as well take it." Holla!! Victory for How.

Fronted like I was looking for a table, then walked outside with my goodie bag and 1.5 beers. I risk getting a drinking summons to enjoy a Shack Burger while cooling out on the benches south of the Museum. It is oh so civilized.

The Shack Burger is top 5 food items in the galaxy to me and I'd have to say the best burger out right now. Especially when taking to go and chilling outside. It supports a transient lifestyle to the fullest. Just look at it. The colors are perfect, so vibrant. The cheese is so yellow, the lettuce so green, the tomato so red. I might sound like I'm bugging or taking it a bit too far, and I probably am, but fuck it, we doooos what we dooooos Larry. I can easily eat this everyday. Probably twice a day.

The bird dog lets me keep it healthy. For one thing we're eating white meat and for another there's basically a salad on top. Celery, tomato, onions, hot peppers- like I'm cleansing the system. I'll admit the casing was bit too tough, but that extra beer helped wash it down. I see you blondie.

Yeah man, I won on this one. The stars, moons, suns, and nebulas were aligned this night. Even if it never happens again, I can say I did it. I took on the cue and beat that motherfucker into submission. One for How.

Shake Shack (Madison Square Park)
SE corner of Madison Ave. and 23rd St.
11am - 11pm
Transit- R/W to 23rd St., 6 to 23rd St.

Shake Shack (Upper West Side)
366 Columbus Ave. on corner of 77th St.
10:45am - 11pm
Transit- B, C to 81st St. Central Park West, 1 to 79th St. (walk east 2 blocks and south 2 blocks

View Shake Shack in a larger map

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HFE Celebrates 18 months in the Blogosphere! A Retrospective.

The year and a half b(log)-day dogs. 18 months in the game. A good number- 18 = Chai = Life. We living family!! Any blog milestone is a personal one as my bday falls on the inception date. That means it's my half bday too. A great reason to head downstairs and order a pint or 2.

Rather than open presents (though I got one yesterday- peep HERE), I rather give them out. Howie Clause. I had wanted to do a best of /most listened to/my favorite shit in the '08 but procrastination got the better of me. And unless you strike immediately the timing would have been off. But 6 months later we can look back and see if these tracks have any lasting power. Shit, the way tracks come out every minute it's tough to keep up, and any track that warrants a rewind or second listen is a rarity. I'd say these have passed the test- some more than others. There were a couple more but I didn't want to OD, well extra OD since there's a lot of shit here. Hopefully the page doesn't take too long to load. We got joints all over the place- the shoot em up bang bangs to the baby I miss yous aka Beat it jerk. For the shit you never heard of, listen to it, because if I had the same attitude as that, which I have had in the past, I never would have gotten put on to some treats. Realest shit I ever wrote. Props to Nahright, 2dopeboyz, Smoking Section and whoever else lets me scoop up the goodies. Enjoy. Link for all tracks coming shortly.

Fuck it- this will also serve as the best of kicks and fitteds in '08 post. I'm hyped up right now. I might have to take my shirt off!! Go in! Go in! It's like a party at a sneaker/fitted gallery. Beats are bumping while you peep the buttafucos. Drinks are being served on the patio. No editorials- just pics.

Lose Your Life- Alchemist ft. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss and Pusha T
...I probably would have liked this with any trio of artists.

The Secret- AZ ft. Raekwon
...Beat knocks heavy- real heavy with the ill screech- and Rae kills it with "drunk at the Gucci outlet, put it in your mouth bitch yum". That's level 7 thinking.

Fly- Blu...Album of '07 so he needed some shine in '08.

Man Listen- Buckshot & 9th Wonder...Man, listen. True story.

Lumdi- Camp Lo...Not Luchini status, but Smokey Robinson samples are worth a dap.

My Aura- Cam'ron...The OG and better version of Got it for Cheap off "Crime Pays". Killa!! Even on sabbatical dude still keeps it funky.

Still the Reason- Cam'ron...Horns please. "The bracelet, look down matching the Asics, hey prick, say it, I'm your favorite." What the world's been missing.

Lost it All- Cassidy
...Dealing with the recent trials and tribulations. And the beats not too shabby.

Everywhere- Common...On some different shit, more on my uptempo steez (no glow stick status)- would be a better record without Common.

The Light '08- Common...Just Blaze took a classic and did his thing. You know I fucks with them hip hop love joints.

Shootin' Remix- Duo Live- ft. Billz, Joell Ortiz, Red Cafe, Uncle Murda & M.O.P....Professor X spitting from the grave. Anything with the Mash Out Posse gets props- especially when they're brought in the 9th to close it out.

My Conscience- Fat Joe ft. KRS One...I think I dig this joint more than Primo's That White. What??? Alchemist on the boards.

The Art Of Disrespekinazation- Heltah Skeltah..."Lip gloss stains on my dick from Lil' Mama, when I fucked Rihanna ain't use no umbrella, when the bitch have twins we naming them both Ella, Ella, Ayy, I'm just joking, maybe I'm not..." Awe-some.

Do You- J the S ft. Joell Ortiz...Don't know much about dude but the track is dope- flute in the background- and Joell always kills it.

From Now Till Then- Jadakiss...This should have been on the album, along with a slew of other joints. "Thinking bout when those were the best days, on the phone with shorty, while you ironing your clothes for the next day."

The Truth- Jake One ft. Freeway and Brother Ali...Sometimes the odd mix on paper work through the speakers. Most definitely on this joint.

Swagger Jackson- Jay Electronica...This dude's a bit too futuristic for me and 40 seconds of MJ talking is nuts, but this joint is mean, even if I don't really heed the lyrics. "Some blogs said you blew it, nigga fuck your blog, Jiggaman said you can't knock the hustle dog." Who me????

Ho- Jim Kahn...Hometown favorite from my boy Jim Kahn showing love to all the former ladies- listen close for the special HowFresh shout. What up Jim!! Be on the lookout in '09.

Move On- Joell Ortiz ft. Joe Budden...Oooweee on the beat.

Summertime in Brooklyn- Joell Ortiz...This track is always a win- then add this..."So I stay fresh and find a girl that's thinking what I'm thinking/ And give her back shots like I ain't feel like drinking." Wow.

1 Degree of Me- Just Blaze & Matt Fingaz ft. Game, Large Professor, Talib Kweli & Rahzel...No clue how I got it, and it doesn't really matter, cause it knocks. Dialog with the chick at the end is hilario.

L.O.V.E.- Keisha Shontelle ft. Illa Killa Chant & K-Hill...Another joint that appeared out of nowhere. Keisha did some work with 9th Wonder off Dream Merchants- Sunday- another banger.

Hardcore- Large Professor...Another ooooooweeee joint. Marco Polo on the production. This type of shit needs to happen more often.

From My Heart to Yours- Laura Izibor (DJ Premier Remix)...Yes.

Dr. Carter- Lil' Wayne
...How could 2008 be documented without a mention of the Weezy F. Baby? He could doze off during one of his H-nods and the shit would still knock. H is for Holy Thursday.

Do The Right Thang- Ludacris ft. Common...Heard this in a gas station way uptown on Broadway. May have been the fumes that got me open, but the orchestra gets busy.

M.V.P.- Ludacris...I knocked the shit out of this when it dropped- 100 times a day status. Primo was back!!

Just Ain't Gonna Work Out- Mayer Hawthorne & The County...Mayer speaks the truth.

Make the Road by Walking- Menahan Street Band...Just listen. The entire album could be on this list.

Paper Planes remix- M.I.A. ft. Freeway...Until I heard this track I had no interest in hearing anything from M.I.A. I lost. Throw your guns in the air on this one!

And I Love It- Murs & 9th Wonder...9th Wonder still doing his thing.

Queens Get the Money- Nas...This is some rainy fall NYC nighttime shit. Jay Electronica did his thing on the beat, even with not one drum.

Get it Poppin'- Papoose...Papoose where'd you go? This is that summer time picnic shit. Buck, time to make that potato and macaroni salad.

Questions- Pete Rock ft. Royal Flush...Wow. Flush comes through on this joint. Another milk carton cat.

Once in a Lifetime- Raekwon ft. Mika...No crazy dusted Rae thoughts on this. Just some female issues. More of that heavy heart shit. Birds...

Necro- Raekwon ft. Ghostface...Only because Rae said "we bought the crib next to Bill Clinton's mother cause she fuck with the Chinese." Ghost kills it too. "She take a bone like a ribeye steak at Ruth Chris". I prefer the ribeye at Strip House.

Drop- Rich Boy...This shit should have blown up. Beat is BANANAS. BANANAS. BANANAS.

Here I Am- Rick Ross ft. Nelly...Hey, what can I say?

Jumping Out the Window- Ron Browz...Aw shit, Harlem stand up!! Fuck an autotune, that beat

The Roots- Get Busy ft. Dice Raw, Peedi Crakk & Jazzy Jeff ...I haven't fucked with the Roots in a minute, but this makes me want to revisit "Iladelph Halflife". Black Thought kills it and Peedi Peedi does a little Hoodratz rendition.

Universal Condition- S.O.U.L. Purpose ft. Murs...Just some real cool shit.

P's Up- Sean Price...He murked Jim on this one. "S-P-E-L-L very W-E-L-L illiterate rappers can't read fan mail, eating Alpha-bit Cereal but you can't spell, it's all over, good night, now ring the damn bell." Ding ding ding.

Good Love- Sheek Louch...That summer time shit. Where's the sun at? We sure as shit have the heat and humidity.

Streets of M.A.- Statik Selektah...Hate Boston but love the track.

So Good (Live From the Bar)- Statik Selektah...Another Statik banger. The dude can produce. Cop "Stick to the Script". One of '08's best LPs.

All I Need- Sterling Simms ft. Jadakiss
...Damn, this was my joint. Thought it could take me to the next level but some people just don't get it. As always Jada comes through.

Understand Me- Style P ft. Wyclef
...This joint warranted it's own post- that's how crack it is. Still knocks.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A-L-A-S-K-A, Juneau, Fairbanks, and Skagway...

...Anchorage, Homer, Haines, Valdez and Ketchikan- so let us speak about this wondrous land!!

Stetsasonic- A.F.R.I.C.A.

Just use the melody to sing along.

How-La-Stet!! This shit has been brewing in my noodle since the tix were booked to hit the A to the K. Was going to title this post "A to the Motherfucking K Homeboy" but didn't want to offend anyone. I'm trying to tone the language down a little, in case any babies are logging on late night to get their HFE fix. I attached the song anyway. White Men Can't Rap had some joints.

Cypress Hill- A to the K

I'll be honest, I only went to Juneau, but hopefully I'll be able to make it out to the rest of the "Great Land"- the meaning of Alaska deriving from the Aleut word Alyeska. What an incredible place. Beyond words. Looks like one big movie set, and the scale is tremendous. Wildlife, nature and a far cry from the daily routine in the Big Apple. Now that summer is here the daylight is bananas. Sun sets around 10 pm with civil sunset lasting for at least an hour and a half- so it's light out till around 11:30. Mind you it's never dark at night, always a little light on the horizon. Then the sun rises around 3 am. People must be going out of their fucking minds. Now flip this to winter and you have night all day. Not such a good look.

Photos can't do it justice, but give them a gander anyway. There is nothing in the world like glacier blue. The color is unbelievable. I need a pair of glacier blue forces. That would be the G move. We took a ten hour trip through the Tracy Arm Fjord to see the Saywer Glaciers. Incredible. As you can see from some pics there were some major ice bergs and at some points the boat was hitting them. My knowledge of boats and icebergs usually ends with the berg winning so I was kind of shook ones, especially with no civilization within 60 miles or so and no cell phone service. Then I hear this huge boom, the glacier "calving" or breaking off into the water and I thought bombs were dropping. Probably the only one ducking. Hysterical. Anyway, enjoy.

Yes- they really are waterproof. Nike, talk to me.

Lobster, it was nice knowing you. I got a new thing now.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Break Dancing in the Rain- the 2009 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

Last minute APB folks. Rain or shine the party must go on. Unless you're wicked witching it today, why should a little rain and a lot of lightning deter you from getting your crunk on. Don't worry, the tent is up so wetness will be at a minimum. Yeah, a beautiful day with sun would have been top billing, but you work with what you got.

Pharaoahe Monch, Smif N Wessun, DJ Premier, Grand Puba, Dead Prez and a special inter-borough/county visit from Styles P. I can fucks with that. YO in BK. Uh oh. Hosted by Uncle Ralph. I'm sure the crowd will be even thinner so you might even be able to front row it.

So if you had a tough one last night and are just cracking those corneas, brush those teeth throw on some clean undies and make your way out to the Planet of Brooklyn. Shit won't pop off till later anyway- usually the main acts start around 4ish and rock till 8 so you can grab a Shack Burger on your way out.

Tix cost $10, but I think it's suggested since I believe you can't charge at a state park. Even if you got to dig in the pockets, 10 beans is a pretty good deal. For more info and to cop tix click HERE.

If the rain keeps up maybe there will be some mud-sliding with those dirty BK hipsters. Buttahfingers.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

We Clamming! We Clamming! HowFresh Be Clamming!

The daily rigors of the bloggy blog became so overwhelming I needed to jet to the Pacific Northwest. Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver, Alaska- you know, the regular spots. While these other motherfuckers are out in Mia-yeyo or Vegas, I'm doing my James Cook navigating the seas- Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan De Fuca, etc. Just let's hope the locals don't treat me like they treated him.

This morning we took the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island en route to Port Angeles along the coast. Amazing land and views. Opted for the coastal roads and came upon Dungeness, Washington. Figured it had something to do with the crabs. See some woman raking the shore. I inquired and life will never be the same. She was living off the land, digging up enough clams to feed the family for a couple of days. Man, I got so excited.

Found a huge oyster shell and went to work. Whenever you see a small hole or if you see water squirt out of the ground, pause, chances are some bivalve is hiding. Got my dig on and helped feed some kids. Steamers, butter clams, and some others. Couldn't take any with me and was told that eating them raw wasn't the move, but this made my day nonetheless. In NYC shellfish is a delicacy and priced accordingly, but out here you can hit the shoreline and eat for free. What a country,

These dudes were peeping the kid get his clam on. The wished they had hands like me. Sometimes talons just don't get it done.

I might not post for a couple of days because I'll be eating wild Alaskan salmon and Puget sound shellfish. But bear with me, I'll be back on EST in a couple of days.