Monday, April 28, 2008

Wildwood BBQ- And You Know HowFresh was Rocking Wildwoods

The HowfreshEats NYC BBQ tour motors on. This time stopping off at the brand spanking new Wildwood BBQ on 18th St. and Park Ave. South. When I say just opened, I mean it opened Thursday the 24th and we were there on the 25th. It's seldom I hit a spot so early after their launch, mostly to let the restaurant sort out the kinks, but I made an exception here. "Big Lou" Elrose formerly the Pit Master at Hill Country mans the Wildwood pit, so I had confidence the food would be up to snuff. I can deal with shitty service as long as the food provides smiles. And the smiles came.

2 things need to be explained. First- I was a little biased off the bat since the Nike Wildwood is one of my favorite sneakers. You know I had to rock a crisp pair of Wildwoods to Wildwood. It's almost the perfect sneaker. Real smooth with a stream lined design. Not too many panels and always colored the right way. Originally released in 1989 as part of the ACG (All Conditions Gear) line, made for rough terrain with a sharp sporty look. Just hearing the word wildwood makes me think of some fresh kicks and conjures up images of some dope colorways and puts me in a good mood. On a side note, I heard that Nike will be releasing some new colorways of the Wildwood later this year, something that absolutely warrants its own post-(soon, very soon).

Issue number 2 was that Passover was still in effect and I told myself and the dining team that I wouldn't be eating pork, or any chametz items. That would include mac and cheese, cornbread, beans, beer, etc. I figured between the beef items and chicken I'd be straight. I really toiled over this but figured I'd still be able to enjoy the menu without compromising. We had an 8:30 pm reservation, and my internal pact lasted till 8:15. At a bar around the corner I ordered a spiked lemonade- thinking I was doing my duty and not drinking a beer- but found out shortly after the first sip that the "spike" was Jack Daniels which is made from barley and other grains. I was crushed. At that point I said fuck it and went all in. Bread was still off limits.

Wildwood is a large restaurant. And we had a tiny table. Especially with all the food we had. Be sure to reserve a booth if you have a party of 4. When you enter the industrial rustic interior, the right side is tables and the left side has a long bar. Bar looked nice with several flat screens. Apparently black screens are what's hot. No Yankee game?? Even trendy folk like the Yankees. The back has an open area with more tables. This location has housed several other restaurants, most recently Barca 18.

The 3 of us bypassed appetizers and dove right into the pit. Straight carnivore shit. We ordered the brisket, beef rib, memphis style baby back ribs, and the 3 pigs platter consisting of pulled pork, half a rack of spare ribs and a texas style smoked sausage. Sides included creamed spinach, cole slaw, baked beans with burnt ends, sweet potato fries and corned bread.

Brisket was my primary focus. It didn't disappoint. Thinly sliced with a nice line of fat in the middle. Very moist and tender. It had a dark crust with a perfect smoke outline. The fat was buttery and complemented the meat perfectly. My only complaint was that there wasn't enough.

Next up was the beef rib. I admit, I was hating a little. I'm partial to my girl Daisy May, and figured her Oklahoma jumbo rib couldn't be topped. It's not really fair to compare, but that's life. The glaring difference in appearance was that the Wildwood rib looked as if it was cut from a rack after it was cooked. The crust was on 2 sides with the other side showing the meat ready to fall off the bone. It was damn good. Enough fat marbled in to provide that saltiness with the sweet beef. Seriously, when will beef ribs become available EVERYWHERE?

The baby back ribs were a slight disappointment. I'm used to baby backs being super tender, and these weren't. The Memphis dry rub gave the ribs too much of a crust, thus making them difficult to pull apart. You needed a knife to separate each rib, as opposed to pulling them apart with your fingers. They tasted good, but the meat should have been softer. My most recent baby back experience was at Georgia's, and those were much better.

The 3 pigs platter was an overall success. The pulled pork had a nice smoky taste, and with a little bbq sauce did the job. The sausage was delicious. We chose the texas style smoked version and not the one with jalapeno. The meat had a nice smoke flavor in a tough casing. Next time I'll try the jalapeno. The spare ribs were cool. A lot of meat, but not as much flavor as I expected. I'd skip these next time.

None of the sides were standouts, except for the sweet potato fries which were surprisingly delicious. A crisp shell with the soft sweet potato was almost a dessert in itself. It should be noted that the side portions were tiny.

We murdered that shit.

When dining with Buck aka Buckemdown the commenter extraordinarie, the meal isn't complete without dessert. So the gluttony continued. We ordered the Fluffernutter S'mores and a Bourbon Banana ice cream sundae with vanilla ice cream. Shit was a perfect way to end the meal, though I was pretty confident I'd url before we hit the car. It was a false alarm, but I was still full Saturday morning.

The entire meal including a pitcher of Brooklyn Pilsner with tip came out to around $150. Not cheap for BBQ, but not necessarily excessive, especially with the amount of food that was ordered. Next time I know what to play with. The place is pretty loud and there were some celebrity spottings. A little bourgie, but fuck it, good BBQ is good BBQ.

Wildwood Barbeque
225 Park Ave South at 18th St
New York, NY 10003
Website- Sort Of

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy B-Day Chip.

A huge born day shout to one of the last authentic throwback ball players in the MLB, Larry "Chipper" Jones. The man turned a cool double chai (that's 18 times 2- chai meaning life- still on my Judaism kick) and is tearing it up. I should be cautious with what I write, as he might be tearing up a hammie or an ACL too. As a little gift to himself, he hit his 7th HR of the season and collected his 20th RBI. Killing it on his b-day is nothing new, he's hitting .500 (18-for-36) with four homers, eight RBIs and 10 runs for his career on the 24th. Word is he also received a signed guitar from Rascal Flats. Note to self- cop their entire catalog. Maybe not. Thus far this season, he's batting .442 with an OPS of 1.217. It might not stay at this level, but unbelievable nonetheless. Full disclosure- he's on my fantasy team, so you know I have a rooting interest.

Let's make it clear. I am a Yankees fan. Always have been, always will be. And when the Yanks have teed off on the Bravos in previous World Series, I wanted nothing more than to see some scalping. But in a league of egos where loyalty is to the dollar bill, it's very uncommon to find a player that came up with an organization and has remained there for their entire career. Other than Jeter, no other superstar comes to mind. Chip entered the league in 1993 and 16 years later is still the face of the Braves. Coming from a small market, and not being such a public figure, it's easy to overlook such a celebrated career. The man is a guaranteed Hall of Famer. Peep his stats HERE.

1917 6984 1314 2155 429 34 393 1319 1161 1090 134 43 .309 .404 .549 .953

In NYC and other NL East cities, you might hear some scathing commentary on Larry Love. But it's all jealousy. The Mets should give the man a statue. I mean he named his son Shea out of the affinity he shares for that ugly stadium in Queens. In 83 games he's hitting .310 with 19 HR, 53 RBI, and 60 Runs. Not bad for a half season of games. Will the success continue at Citi Field?

The story behind my appreciation for Chip came in 1999 at the World Series. I got to the game super early during Braves batting practice. It was pretty empty, but you could hear the "Larrrrrrrrrrrrry" jeers. After taking some swings, Chip engaged the fan in the upper deck, having fun with it and fucking with him. I've seen close to every player come to the stadium and ignore pretty much everything that isn't on the field. It was refreshing to see an athlete, better yet an all-star, just have some fun and not take the game and the position too seriously.

And for all the Met and Philly fans that call my boy a racist, come on now. The dude's an ATL legend. Him and Joe Johnson are boys. And he gets biz with MC Hammer.

Where did Chip come from? The nickname "Chipper" came from family members who felt he was a "chip-off-the-old-block" of his father. Must be a Southern thing.

It's Gonna be a Hip Hop Spring/Summer.

Here's a brief rundown of upcoming hip hop shows in the NYC area. I was getting tired of hearing about shows the day of or the day after. Looks like there's some good shit on the horizon. The Friday night EPMD with the rest of them looks DOPE. And Nokia's one of the dopest venues.

I saw Wu last Wed. at Irving Plaza. Had no pics so I didn't want to post. Everybody was there except for Meth. Ghost showed up an hour late and left an hour early. Not a great show. For such accomplished artists, they could have provided a much better performance. Going to shows for years, I'm used to artists not really giving a fuck about the audience and lacking professionalism most of the time. It's one thing if the show costs $20, but once I'm shelling out $60 plus, I expect to get my money's worth. Wishful thinking. You can say Wu's an aberration with the logistics of getting all of them on the stage at the same time, and the fact that they all showed up is a feat in itself. But fuck that, I want quality. When U-God has a set for 20 minutes, something's wrong. On to the shows...

April 25- Fri- Nokia Theater - EPMD, Naughty By Nature, Lords of the Underground and O.C. Tix are $35 plus those ludicrous ticketmaster fees. Hopefully Treach is there, after being pulled over in his Hummer with a bullet proof vest on. The flyer reminds me of all the Tramps show back in the 90's.

April 28- Mon- Estelle- Highline Ballroom- $15- advance tix sold out- limited amount at door day of show. Estelle's that chick from the UK that's been getting buzz from the track with Kanye. I have no opinion.

April 30- Wed.- Southpaw in Brooklyn- A Lupas Charity Event with: OC, Jeru Tha Damaja, Ugp & The Lordz...- Lordz of BK?? Hosted by the one and only, Sasha Jenkins (ego trip) $10

May 5- Mon.- Knitting Factory- Brand Nubian (Grand Puba, Sadat X & Lord Jamar), 88-Keys (debut vocal performance!), Fresh Daily, DJ Lindsey (Negroclash) + hosted by John Robinson (Lil Sci/Scienz of Life)- $15 in advance- $20 at door.

May 7- Wed- SOB's- Pharoah Monch- $18 in adv, $22 day of show

May 14- Wed- Knitting FactoryGong Battle East Coast Heats - Hosted by Lord Sear (shade 45/sirius radio) and DJ Fat Fingaz. Music provided by DJ Boogie Blind (X-ecutioners) & Joell Ortiz- $15. Worth is to see Joell Ortiz.

May 14- Wed- SOB's- Lupe Fiasco- Sold Out- but they'll be scalping.

May 20- Tues- SOB's- Kidz in the Hall- $12 in advance, $15 day of. I admit I haven't heard anything they've done, but they've been getting mad press, and the bloggers love them.

May 27- Tues- SOB's- Collie Buddz- $18 in advance, $22 day of show. If you're not up on this dude, find his shit and give it a listen. The album's a dope.

June 1- Sun- Giants Stadium- Hot 97 Summer Jam. Featuring all your favorite artists. Expensive.

June 4- Wed- Nokia Theater- Paid Dues show featuring Rakim, GZA, Blackalicious, Murs & 9th Wonder, Buckshot of Boot Camp Clik, Supernatural & Scratch, Kidz in the Hall, and Yak Ballz. Tix are $39.50 plus fees.

June 11- Wed- Knitting Factory- Black Sheep, DJ Spinna, DCQ (Medina Green), hosted by Livingroom Johnston- $12 in advance, $17 at door

June 13- Fri- Irving Plaza aka Fillmore NY- Fresh Rhymes & Video Tape Tour ft. Dilated Peoples- $20 adv., $25 DOS

June 14- Sat- Knitting Factory- The Beatnuts- tix $17 in advance, $20 at door

July 17- Thur- Arrested Development- Highline Ballroom- $18 advance, $20 day of

July 18- Fri- Central Park Summerstage- Video Music Box 25th Anniversary. No roster yet, but Uncle Ralph should be able to get some major artists for this. FREE.

July 25- Fri- Highline Ballroom- Slick Rick WITH LIVE BAND and Kidz in the Hall- $18 adv., $20 day of. Not feeling the live band.

July 27- Sun- Jones Beach Amphitheatre- A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mos Def, Pharcyde, De La Soul, Rakim, Method Man, Redman, Ghostface, Raekwon, Dead Prez, Murs, Immortal Technique and others- Hosted by B Real, Supernatural, and Scratch. Check to see which artists will be performing. Doubt they will all show up. Wouldn't mind seeing Tribe. Pre-sale tickets will be available May 14th - 16th via, and then to the general public on May 17th.

Next time I'll provide links to the venues and tickets. For now, hopefully this should suffice. I didn't provide addresses or phone numbers, but a little google search should answer all questions.

Keep your ears and eyes open for the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and the free NYC park shows throughout the boroughs. Last year they had a crazy lineup.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

H is for Hot Buttah.

Another H that slipped between my fingers. Burgundy with forest green is a very fresh look. Life goes on.

Haven't hit you with the beats in a minute. Found this Doo Wop Spring 1 from 1994 that is some classic material. The intro freestyle that starts with Tha Alkaholiks "Likwit" joint featuring Wop, Snaggapus, that light skinned bitch Uneek, Chris G, Rev Gotti, Sadat X, and Lord Tariq is some beautiful shit. 7 minutes of pure buttahs. And when D. Original drops after that, oh boy. No track listing, but trust me, each track is heat, and the element of surprise always makes for a more enjoyable listen.

Doo Wop Spring 1 1994- Side A

Doo Wop Spring 1 1994- Side B

Realized I never had Fakin' The Funk on the H-Pod so I had to burn it to disc. This track never gets boring. From 1992 off the White Boys Can't Jump soundtrack.

Fakin' The Funk- Main Source

Sticking with Doo Wop, I was able to get my hands on the original 12" in order to burn both joints. Good looks to Berto for blessing me with the vinyl. Original Bounce Squad Records pressings. It's impossible to find this shit today. CLASSIC SHIT. 1994.

Da Bounce Master- Doo Wop & The Bounce Squad

Hit 'Em In The Head- Doo Wop & The Bounce Squad

Found this while doing a little digging the other day. In the 90's "Bits & Pieces" were released almost each year- basically a blend of the most popular joints. 1994 was a good year.

1994 Bits & Pieces- Hip Hop

Switching it up on some smooth shit, let me tell you, it took me forever to get my hands on this. Couldn't find it online and wasn't able to find the LP. And it's not like Love Unlimited records are hard to come by. These shits run the $4 crates. Anyway, I've always vibed to this shit. The intro and the chorus get me loose. 1974 off the In Heat LP. Barry's girls.

I Love You So, Never Gonna To Let You Go- Love Unlimited

Monday, April 21, 2008

Matzoh- BALLIN' with a Halal Lean!!!!!!!!!

Yes yes. I just got my hands on a rough copy of the Jim Jones remix. Showing love to all the industry bigwigs. A happy Pesach to all. For the unchosen folks out there, Saturday night was the beginning of Passover and it runs until Sunday night, April 27th. No bread, pasta, rice, beer, etc. for 8 days. Click HERE for a brief lesson. It can get difficult, but I imagine the Exodus from Egypt was a bit more trying. At least I get to fantasize about what non Kosher grub I'm going to get romantic with for a week. I have several options on the table. We'll see what happens.

For anybody that never had a bowl of matzoh ball soup, I suggest giving it a try. I would tell you to try my mother's, but that would be impossible, so hit up a local Jewish deli and give it a shot. Don't get swayed by size. Bigger is not better- usually the bigger they are, the fluffier they are and not dense enough. They fall apart too easily and the soup becomes a mess. The perfect size is around the size of a small hand ball. And they have to float. Add some bletlach aka potato starch noodles, and you might throw a yarmulke on and get Bar Mitzvahed.

On Saturday, knowing I was about to get my Kosher for Passover on, I needed to quench my starch cravings. Sparked it with some Rye bread for breakfast. Had a 3 Boys slice for lunch, and was later introduced to The I DON'T UNDERSTAND ARABIC Grill House on Bronxdale Ave. where I had a really tasty chicken kebab pita sandwich. If anybody can translate what the sign says, please enlighten us. Maybe it says Grill House- I don't know. I'd like to thank Berto for putting me on. According to Berto, this might be the only spot in the BX that makes falafel, outside of Riverdale. Yes there is falafel in the BX. Thought you'd like to know that. Personally, I don't fuck with falafel- another of my many food allergies- so call me skip when it comes to anything chick pea. Luckily, Berto is a self- proclaimed falafel expert, and he throws up the vegan V in approval. The menu was pretty thorough in case falafel isn't to your liking. In the front counter there were many skewers to choose from so I ordered the chicken. Once cooked it was thrown in the pita and accompanied with tzatziki, lettuce, tomato, and onion.

In my capacity I'm doing what I can to unite torn communities, Halal during the day and Kosher at night. I wished the dude behind the counter a happy Pesach and he spit in my food. I kid. No bullshit, food is the greatest uniter. Seeing what some of the locals were eating- a lot of rice dishes with chicken and other meats, I look forward to checking it out soon. This spot is between Frankie & Johnnie's Pine Tavern and White Plains Road on Bronxdale. I must have driven past it a bunch of times, completely oblivious that it ever existed. It's tiny inside, 4 -5 tables, but a nice sized kitchen. For my vegetarian friends that say I show no love, here you go.

Pardon the shitty cell phone pics. I was ill-prepared for this one.

The Grill House
1991 Bronxdale Ave.
Call for hours.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Gimme an H!

Haven't had an H appreciation post in a while and knew all of you wanted some H in your life. Today I bring you the purple with the silverish grey H and black star. An exclusive from Cap City in West New York, NJ. I never understood WNY, NJ- that shit makes no sense. Lavender button and underbill as well as the eyes on each panel. Pretty dope. Used to love purple, but as I've aged, it's a bit loud. That still didn't stop me from snatching it up.

Went to Packer's in Teaneck after that and bumped into some major air force exclusives. It's really uncommon to see a shoe drop completely under the radar. Between the internet and all these sneaker stores, information is everywhere. And there's too much of it. I miss the days when you can walk into a store and be surprised with the inventory. Nowadays you know release schedules going as far as spring 2009. These were a surprise, but wasn't feeling them that much. Quality is no joke though. Oily leather with smooth nubuck and leather insole and lining. Leather midsoles as well, with an ice rubber outsole. The leather insole usually indicates an insideout release, but I didn't get a chance to see the label. What I do know is that each has a retail price of around $300. But Packer's looks out and is selling them for $250. I don't think any of them are especially dope, and nothing that would make me consider dropping that much loot. Other good news on the Air Force front- I spotted the House of Hoops air force exclusives- the black with various mid soles- in a local Bronx Mom & Pop shop, and they were only a bill- marked down from $125. Full size run but no 11.5. Of course not. I couldn't be that lucky.

Black with brown swoosh

Brown mid and back panel, and eye stay with black nubuck toe and front panel

Burgundy back and mid panel, and eye stay with black nubuck toe and front panel- reptile swoosh

Grey back and mid panel, and eye stay with black nubuck toe and front panel- silver swoosh

Wu-Tang at Irving Plaza/Filmore West tonight. Considering they all show up, should be a dope show. Will have some musical treats to post in the near future.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Daisy May's BBQ Oklahoma Jumbo Beef Rib- Howfresheats Stays on His B's and Q.

The Daisy May's Oklahoma Jumbo Beef Rib is in a class all by itself. Nothing in NYC, the Northeast, and possibly the U.S. with exceptions of Texas and Oklahoma compares. Nothing. That might be an over exaggeration. We're talking Flintstone's garagantuan status here. When was the last time you received a foot long rib bone with a pound plus of juicy meat attached. I'll guess never, unless you've got busy with Daisy May lately. The seductive Daisy May that is. You think Daisy May's a chick or a cow?

I've been enjoying Daisy May's for several years. Located out of the way on the barren far west, I became familiar with their offerings since I spent many a night in that area. Otherwise I might be new to the game. Originally they were only open Monday thru Friday, and take out only. I recall hearing that there were zoning restrictions dealing with the use of the smoker on weekends. Luckily those technicalities have been sorted out so now they are a 7 day operation, and a dining room has been added with several flat screens. On this trip, upon arrival we were informed the dining room was closed for a private party. There is a small counter along the wall with 4 stools that's always available- just need to be ready to pounce when you see empty plates. The woman behind the counter said that Friday and weekend parties are common so it's best to call in advance.

Enough with all that bullshit- let's get into the main attraction, the grub. Daisy May's doesn't specialize in a particular BBQ, but shows off different regions in each of the meat dishes. It's apparent by the names of each meal- the Oklahoma Jumbo Rib, Kansas City Sweet and Sticky Ribs, Memphis Dry Rub ribs, Tennessee Whiskey Beer Can chicken, and so on. From what I've tried, each style is executed with great success. The owner and founder, Adam Perry Lang, has won national bbq awards throughout the country, and worked at some of NYC's finest restaurants including Le Cirque, Daniel and Chanterelle. Most recently he was the executive chef at Robert's, The Penthouse Club's highly acclaimed steakhouse, but has left to pursue other things including creating the perfect beef animal.

Beef ribs aren't available everywhere, with most attention given to the pig's chest. While I've enjoyed Daisy May's pork ribs, it's the slow cooked, tender, sweet, meaty (ayyyyyyyyyyyyoooo) beef rib that draws me back. It's decadent. The fact that a plastic fork is all you need to get busy says it all. The meat falls apart with the lightest amount of pressure, and it's a party after that. The sweet crust with the salty fat makes for an amazing dining experience. Listen, I'm not into throwing all these superlatives around, but this is the truth. If you don't agree, have your tongue removed.

With each plate special (dine in only) you get 2 sides. You can also order the meat dishes plain, but with sides costing $4.50 a pop, it's worth your while to go for the specials. My go-tos are the creamed spinach, a pureed spinach mixed with cream, giving it a really smooth consistency, similar to a pudding, and the bourbon peaches, sliced peaches cooked in a sweet bourbon sauce. My boy had the creamy corn with NY state cheddar and jalapenos that packed a nice punch, and on previous trips the baked beans with burnt rib ends always did the job.

To wash down the cue there is a 32 oz. mason jar of sweet tea, as well as various sodas, and beers have been added to the menu- only Corona, Sam Adams and Coors Light. While you don't want beer to occupy valuable stomach space, a couple of coronas surely enhance the experience.

Daisy May's BBQ
623 11th Ave. at the corner of 46th St.
NY, NY 10036

Mon- 11am - 9pm
Tues- Fri- 11am - 10pm
Sat- Noon - 10pm
Sun- Noon - 9pm

View Larger Map

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Georgia's Eastside BBQ- LES Pastrami Dreams Turn Into Swine Reality.

Woke up Saturday morning and was jonesing for some Katz's Deli pastrami. When that craving hits, it can only be satiated by heading down to Houston Street. It had been almost 2 months since my last visit, so this pilgrimage to the mecca of pastrami was way overdue. Plus I've wanted to write about the Katz experience.


That write-up will have to wait. This is how it went down. Walked up Orchard St., made a right on Houston, walked past all the food spots, fully focused on Katz's. As I'm walking past the windows I notice the workers behind the counter, but no customers. The alarms went off. Got to the door and the sign read, "Saturday 4/5 Closing at 5:30 for Private Party." (see above for a detailed dramatization) The watch said 7 so I was assed out. Since 10 am I had prepared myself for a sandwich and to get so close and be shut down was a major blow. Believe me, I've experienced much greater loss, but this was unexpected. My question was, who the fuck has enough pull to close down Katz's for an entire weekend evening? The Norwegian Ministry of Tourism would go berserk if they caught wind that their citizens were denied the meaty delicacy??? I'm traveling less than 20 miles so it's no big deal, but if I flew close to 4,000 miles to be greeted by that sign, there would have been a problem. But it gave me some ideas- if I play my cards right, my son's Bar Mitzvah party will be there. I'll have the turn tables in the corner and the Dr. Brown's will be popping. Cel-Ray for the ballers.

Might have been a blessing in disguise since I've wanted to try Georgia's Eastside BBQ which is right around the corner on Orchard St. That is the chi chi, swankified Orchard Street. To fit in you can cop a tight American Apparel v-neck in cantelope across the street. The place is tiny, but was able to sneak into a table for 2. THERE IS NO BATHROOM THERE SO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS BEFORE HAND. There is an industrial sink to wash hands however. Unlimited soap.

The menu is short, just the staples. Peep it HERE. Better off so I didn't have time to be indecisive. I went in on the rib dinner and my dining companion ordered the fried chicken. Each dinner is served with 2 sides. Along with the everyday sides on the menu they have daily specials. Cheese grits were available so that was a no brainer. Ordered a Sweet tea to accompany the 'cue. Not many northern establishments do justice to southern sweet tea, but Georgia's pulled it off. They don't serve beer yet, but your allowed to bring your own.

The rib dinner came on a huge wooden chopping board. No need to be fancy when you're about to get filthy. GEB serves baby back ribs slow cooked with their own bbq sauce. About 10 ribs made up the portion, 10 meaty ribs. Cheese grits and collard greens made the cypher complete. They look good and they taste even better. The sauce isn't overpowering so you can taste the porkiness and there was a nice fat to meat ratio. You can ask for extra sauce, but there was no reason to. I'm not sure how the greens were prepared (pork or turkey), but they were delicious. Must have been cooked in vinegar because they were sweet and tangy. Grits don't come around these parts too often, and GEB made them just right. Cooked enough but not too much, so there was still some grittiness with each bite.

I wound up scoring a chicken leg, my favorite part- used to be the breast but you need 2 hands to maneuver that- and I was amazed with how good it was. Cooked to a nice golden brown, the crispy shell didn't crumble apart but stayed attached to the chicken. And that shit was MOIST. Biting into a crispy seasoned shell to be welcomed by some moist plump meat is one of life's finer things. No bullshit. I was shocked with how good it was.

There were some chocolate cupcakes when we arrived, but they vanished by dessert time. They had a pear/rhubarb crumble, but that wasn't calling me. Too soft. In total the meal cost $50 including tip. For the amount of quality food, very reasonable. There are a lot of BBQ spots in the city, and while I haven't tried all, Georgia's ranks up there with the better ones. Will definitely be there again. But need that Pastrami sandwich first.

Georgia's Eastside BBQ
192 Orchard St. between Houston St. and Stanton St.
New York, NY 10079
(212) 253-6280

Tue-Sat 12pm-11pm
Sun 3pm-11pm
Mon Closed


Howfresheats state of Howfresheats address.

Things have been crazy. I just got back from nowhere and I've been extremely busy doing nothing. Shit takes its toll after a while. Need a break, you know? I haven't posted in more than a week and all these ideas floating around the melon are beginning to overwhelm me. I'm talking fly shit. Dope shit. Next level shit. Pulitzer prize shit. Can bloggers win those? Watch me.

When it came to papers and deadlines I procrastinated with the best of them. All nighters, watching the clock strike. I thought, or hoped those days were over. Apparently not. I say this because there were a lot of things I wanted to touch on, ayyyyyyyyyyoo, but due to the time sensitive nature of some of these events, they are now old news. Howfresheats isn't about that stale shit. Fresh is in there for a reason. No browning on the lettuce, soft spots on the peaches, fish whose eyes aren't shiny. I'm on some green market shit, and am committed to providing the best goodies. I fucking love green markets by the way. I was definitely an Amish farmer from Bird-in-Hand, PA in a past life.

The NCAA Championship is a wrap. I had this Tyler Hansborough post ready to spew some minor hate. He's such great fodder. And he takes Swahili at UNC. But it's too late. Also wanted to discuss a photo of Lasto (Lastings Milledge) and Meathook (Dmitri Young) walking on the new Nationals field in suits with Young carrying a teflon brief case. Shit was classic. But again, it's too late. The season has begun. That's another problem. With baseball season in full swing, I just ordered the Extra Innings package and the games are limitless. Except when there are no games. Wednesday night Padres vs Pirates games are more exciting than you think. Don't hate until you try it. I'll just need to learn to balance it all.

With that said, I renew my vows to stay on my grind and keep it crispy.