Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who You Know Fresher Than How? Riddle Me That....

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're far too kind (for still checking out HFE)...

Jay-Z- Encore

Now can I get an encore? Do you want more????? Shit, it kind of makes sense. Now what the hell was I waiting for??? I've been gone for close to 60 days so an encore is in store for those still in attendance. It's safe to call this an encore, hopefully a permanent one, as the content and themes are still the same. I want my residency back.

I see the irony too. How fresh? Fresh??? What the fuck are you talking about? Dormant's more like it. Not a coma because I've been moving around. Heavy in the streets in fact. Nothing rotten or putrid though. No nasty stench when you walk in the room. I kept the AC on high so not to let all the produce go to waste. But you can only look at the same zucchini and red pepper for so long. Don't worry, we got some shipments on the horizon. No Fresh Direct, we hit straight from the farm. Please wipe your dirty footwear on the welcome mat. This time of season is special too- tomatoes!!!! I love me a good tomato. Matches my all red Nike Air Max '09s.

Freeway- Where U Been

Howfresh where you been????

Between eating, drinking, traveling, going to shows, listening to every new Cam record ad nauseum and hand-stitching the fitted cap above, where could I find the time? My clock only has 24 hours in day. It's pretty amusing that most of the things I partake in are fueled by the notion that I will write about them (eventually). Eventually finally knocked on my door so let's crack those knuckles and get the keyboard keyboarding. Believe you me, I got material. Classic Material!! Classic Material!! Howfresh Eats with the Classic!!! Classic Material!! Classic Material!! Now all I need is the discipline. Self-control is far from my strong suit.

We all know I love the H. Unhealthily? Obsessively? Narcissistically?? H-ubristcally?? I disagree with the last 2. Please don't misinterpret my H-ness for conceit. Personally I find it anything but the truth but there are some H-aters out there. Unfortunately the H Well is rather arid. There are some joints out there but the idea of shelling out $60 plus for a fitted doesn't agree with me anymore.

So we improvise. Think outside the box (or front panels). And now an entire new universe has been introduced. A while back I copped a Frank's Chop Shop joint and worked around the "F". The double-sided extra thick bill isn't aesthetically pleasing and compromises the fit of the entire cap. A shame because there's a plethora of them. "F" caps are hard to come by. Marlins, U of Florida, a minor league team hear or there. So I went left and got cozy with the "W". The Nationals cap is perfect. A clean, respectable W. Bordering on hoighty-toity with some flair. Finger out when I sip my chamomile, but I'll still say hello and acknowledge your presence. I'm a people person. Don't get it twisted.

Big shouts to Amidou up on 109th for lacing the kid. Lids and other authorized New Era stores are prohibited from touching the front panels. So I dig deeper. In criminal, stealth like fashion, he did a great job. I fully recommend his services. We got more in the works so stay tuned.