Monday, February 16, 2009

HowfreshEats Stacks (Potato) Chips Like Hebrews Vol. 4.- Almost at Chip Stardom.

Disclaimer: I am a potato chip expert. After tasting and testing 40 different types of chips over the past year, I have finally achieved the spud crown. This doesn't mean you will agree with my likes and dislikes, but feel confident in what I deem as worthy and trash. I am in the process of taking a chip out to Idaho in hopes of doing some of my own research and creating a chip that knocks them out the box.

Cape Cod- Sea Salt & Vinegar

For a vinegar chip these weren't too tangy. Sweet in fact. Nice sized chip with a decent crunch- very easy to eat. No monster Chernobyl joints. Cape Cod is the safe chip to eat. The PG chip. They don't get too crazy but they're above the boring line. Not feeling the maltodextrin and sodium diacetate. Whether or not these are harmful to the H, I prefer potato, salt, and oil. $3.49 for 8.5 oz.

Cape Cod Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

Delicious and super addictive. Perfect blend of salt and pepper. Would prefer a crunchier chip, but we won't hold that against these. As said in the above review, Cape Cod makes a safe chip. The sweetness of the potato shines through too. Sweet, salt, spice- trifecta famo. Probably one of the easiest chips to knock off a bag in one sitting. Again, OD on the ingredients- corn syrup solids, torula yeast. Slow Down Cape Cod Cillas. $3.49 for 8.5 oz.

Archer Farms- Lightly Salted Traditional

Need to keep giving Target love. Where else can I cop chewable vitamins, batteries, wooden shelves, record frames, and 8 different flavors of potato chips? In general I dig the Archer Farms chips. Only gripes are that the chips are too big at times and there are too many folded chips. I prefer a clean chip approximately the size of an egg. I don't think that's asking too much. These are good. Enough salt- all you high blood pressure folks, don't compare this to a fatso drinking diet soda- so you still get the real deal flavor. Big crunch. And that self-sealing bag always wins. And the best part- ingredients include potato, sunflower oil and salt. 9 oz. bag for $2.50.

Olive Oil Potato Chips- Sea Salt

I saw these at the super market and gave it a shot. Never heard of before but Good Health Natural Foods has a healthy ring to it. Hippies don't lie. The use of olive oil on chips is different from what I'm used to, and I was a bit hesitant due to the strong flavor, but the oil didn't overpower the chip at all. Great crunch, great taste. Not too salty. Ingredients- potato, olive oil, and sea salt. 5 oz. bag for $3-$4.

Olive Oil Potato Chips- Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper

See review directly above. Great chip. Crunchy and flavorful. If you hate the pepper, stay away. These bring the heat, as is evident by the black dots all over the chip. Ingredients- potato, olive oil, cracked pepper and sea salt. 5 oz. bag for $3-$4.

"Dirty" Roasted Garlic & Herb

These taste like a crouton. A really seasoned crouton. And I wasn't eating a salad with them. This was a panic move because I rarely cop flavors like this. Too many had me feeling ill. I'm not such a fan of the Dirty chip, but these are some of the worst I ever had. Super OD on ingredients- evaporated cane juice, dehydrated bell pepper, tomato powder, onion powder and so on. 5.5 oz. bag for $2.09.

Grandma Utz's Handcooked Potato Chips

When I saw lard in the ingredients I had to go in. I figured with all the healthy shit I've been eating, I'm allowed to splurge. Not bad. SALTY. That pig gets it in. Reminds me of fried wontons from a cheap Chinese spot. Great Wall, U Like, #1, you choose. Crunchy but thin. Ingredients read- whole fresh potatoes, sliced and cooked in lard, with salt added. 4 oz. bag for $.99- on sale from $1.49.

Boulder Canyon Spinach & Artichoke

(Not included in group photo- late addition) Another atypical purchase on my part. I don't even like artichoke. Good thing for that is that I can't taste the artichoke. Can't taste the spinach either. Not sure what I taste, aside from salt. Boulder- I still love you. 5 oz. bag for $2.49.

There is an Archer Farms Traditional bag in the main photo but no individual shots. Think of the Lightly Salted review above, but saltier.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Wallos, My Wallos, I Love Those, My Wallos, Especially the Blue and Cream...

I hope you don't think my shelves are only stocked with forces, wildwoods, and various other sneakers. I might not be a complete adult yet, but there are times when I need to get my mature Fresh on. And when those times call, I dip into my closet and pull out some wallies. I haven't graduated to hard bottoms yet- no Aldo or K. Cole for me. Strictly wallies on my feet. They can go with almost anything- though they don't work well with a suit- forces might go better, especially some pony hair joints. Oooweee.

While I love to talk about what I have and how it makes me feel inside, I'm here to share some very valuable information. Clarks are not safe in this recession and that is evident at Perfect Fit on Canal Street. The sticker reads $130. 50% off is $65. 15% less of that is $55.25. If only Foxy could do math like that. Yes peoples- $55 for a pair of wallies. 2 for less than the price of 1 at Bostonian and other Clark's suppliers. And the shelves are packed with tons of flavors- keep in mind however, NO LOWS. With my bony ankles I prefer the mids, but the sexy ankle types prefer to let them breathe. Suedes, leathers, canvas, browns, blacks, whites, camos, beige, pinstripes, plaids, and the list goes on. If you have tired of wallos and are Desert Boot status- they got those too.

They have all the staples- the sand suede, brown suede, black leather, brown tumbled, brown oily and so on. They also have some treats. A dark chocolate brown shiny leather, a weathered taupe suede-like pair, black leather toe with nubuck sides (copped all 3), a caramel oily pair that is so dope. Too bad they didn't have my size. Tobacco suede, burgundy leather, navy suede. You get the picture. They have a lot. The entire store is 50% off plus more depending on the label. Converse, Adidas, Kenneth Cole, CAT, Ed Hardy and a variety of other brands. No Nike. You can come off. I also copped a pair of Saucony's- same model as these for $23.

Guilty by location, the notion that these are fake has been brought to my attention. I highly doubt that. I've copped pairs from here for years and they're legit. If they are fake, fuck it- they are real leather, great quality and look good. They just know how to do business during these dark days. They need to entice the spenders, and I'm proof that it works. I heard that within Obama's stimulus plan, he suggests that retail footwear should be cut by at least 40%. How can people walk to work if they can't afford a token or gas? The kicks need to remain affordable, and fresh. You need to look good to feel good. I can dig it.

The sale will be going on for at least 2 more weeks so head down. I don't have any Canal Street recommendations other than bootleg CDs are sold 20 feet towards the west (6 for $20) and Nike Sportswear is at 21 Mercer Street. Canal isn't the same. Plenty of empty store fronts and the tourists aren't around like they used to be. Be a good patriot and spend your bread. Support American businesses.

Yeah- I got some baby blue joints. Worn twice maybe. I'd like to know what I was thinking when I decided to go in. Maybe periwinkle will make a comeback in 2010. On a related note, has anybody thought of the idea of wearing "wallabies", aka small kangaroos on our dogs. I get over it, but it freaks me out a little. Baby roos on my feet. That's a bit macabre. I don't even eat veal. At least make some furry joints, a la Mauri's, so I can take this fly shit to the next level. One more Clark's gripe. Why can't they make an all black sole on the black pairs, instead of the off white gum sole painted on the sides. That shit loses it's color and it doesn't look that good. The older pairs used black rubber. Smarten up Clark's. If anybody out there is up on Wallie restoration, get at me. Need to revive some soles. The uppers last, but the soles get all fucked up. Thanks in advance.

Peep the alternate version of "The Forest." Additional lyrics and some major Wallabee promotion- the inspiration for this post's title.

Ghostface Killah- The Forest (promo clean LP version)

Perfect Fit
324 Canal Street (across from Mercer St.)
NY, NY 10013
7 days a week- 10 am- 7:30 pm

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day for All the Lovers, Haters, and In-Betweens.

Ah, February 14th. The day of love. Or not. I've been known to ship flowers cross country, or over seas, but today I let the roses live another day. In all honesty, if you love your lady you should get her shit all year, not just on this commercially motivated excuse to pamper your girl. But shit, in the grips of an economic chokehold a bouquet of carnations and a handful of Hershey's kisses should do the job. I've been sick as a dog spending the better part of the day compiling lists of tracks that one could play for their sweetheart, or ex-sweetheart. I tried to keep it even and tried to keep it hip-hop. If an R&B track is included it's because it contains a rap cameo or jacked a hip hop beat, or just because I fucking like it. My list, my rules. Before we get into the list I need to spark it with some real crooner shit- the king of soul in my opinion, Mr. Sam Cooke. How could your girl not love you after hearing this. I know mine did.

Sam Cooke- Desire Me

And here we go with the joints. No particular order. 53 joints in total (3 have been added- they were meant to be on but got lost in the shuffle- The Light by Pharoahe, Mahogany by Eric B & Rakim, and Ex Girl to the Next Girl by Gang Starr)- wow- shit took a while, so hopefully somebody enjoys it. It's personal, so I might be missing some shit you would include in your list. If so, hit the comments section and drop your thoughts. I'm working on getting one link for the entire compilation. The links for both the Love and Hate mixes are below- click on link. If you're not familiar with divshare, you can dl the file by clicking on the divshare logo to the right of each song.

HowfreshEats Loves V-Day 2009

HowfreshEats Hates V-Day 2009

Love is in the air:

Diamond D- This One

A Tribe Called Quest- Electric Relaxation

Sean Price- I Love You (Bitch)

Eric B & Rakim- What's On Your Mind

Ghostface Killah- Camay- baked Macaroni, turkey wings...

Mary J. Blige- All My Love

De La Soul- Eye Know

Common- The Light

MF Grimm- Bloody Love Letter

The Roots- Silent Treatment

Gang Starr- Royalty

Sean Price- Heartburn

The Roots- You Got Me

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Lots of Lovin

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Lots of Lovin Remix

Masta Ace- Beautiful

UGK- International Player's Anthem

Amerie- Why Don't We Fall In Love Remix ft. Cam'ron- what would this mix be without any Cam?

The Pharcyde- Passin' Me By

Pete Rock- Take Your Time ft. Loose Ends

Fat Joe- All I Need

Groove Theory- Tell Me Hip Hop Remix ft. Brand Nubian

Lost Boyz- Renee

Mya ft. Jay-Z- Best of Me Remix

DJ Shadow- What Does Your Soul Look Like Part 1

Pharoahe Monch- The Light

Eric B & Rakim- Mahogany

Not so much love:

Mayer Hawthorne & The County- Just Ain't Gonna Work Out

Jim Kahn- Ho

Brand Nubian- Love Me or Leave Me Alone

Main Source- Walking Out the Front Door

Gang Starr- Ex Girl to the Next Girl

Da King & I- Tears

Akinyele- I Luh Hur

Biz Markie- Just a Friend

I Gotta Love- Jin ft. Kanye West

Da King & I- Tears -Darp Vibe Mix

Kurious- Nikole

Ghostface Killah ft. Keisha Cole- Walk Away

Amel Larrieux- Sweet Misery (Stretch Remix)

Original Flavor- All That

Organized Konfusion- Why?

Ghostface Killah- Tooken Back

Three Times Dope- Funky Dividends

Heavy D & The Boyz- Truthful

Smooth- You Been Played

No love at all- more like hate:

Eamon- I Don't Want You Back

Ghostface Killah- Wildflower

Street Smartz- Problemz

Ghostface Killah- Never Be The Same Again

Ghostface Killah- Back Like That- the puppies are staying...

To end this on an upbeat note, the great Teddy P. He adds such enthusiasm to heart ache.
Teddy Pendergrass- I Don't Love You Anymore

Monday, February 9, 2009

HowFresh Loves The R-Eaters.

Before it's too late, here is a great link that will save you money on restaurants from today until February of next year. The offer expires at midnight tonight so get in quick. For this link click HERE.

Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend - to check out

Courtesy of

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Golden Age of Hip Hop Awakes from Slumber to Appear in NYC Tonight!!!

So are we to believe that following a golden era is a slow decline? A quiet sendoff into the horizon? There's some realty to that in the world of hip hop but I try to look at the bright side of things. So depressing. And I feel so fucking old. Like a Golden Oldies show at AC with the Drifters and Belmonts.

I hate the name of this show. But I look past the title and check the artists. Lord Finesse, Brand Nubian, Chubb Rock, Doug E. Fresh, Positive K, and Sweet Tee tonight at Irving Plaza- wait The Filmore NY (like Irving Plaza wasn't good enough). Hosted by Red Alert and music by Jazzy Joyce. What self-respected hip hop head wouldn't want the be in attendance? 40 beans for entrance is pretty steep ($43.50 actually), but based on what you're getting in return it's not bad at all. $7 per artist is more than reasonable. Knitting Factory fucked it up for us- $15 concert tix were unbelievable and unrealistic. No wonder the place closed down.

If I had my druthers (don't ask), these are the tracks I would want to hear from each artist. Some of these are more than likely to be played while others are a long shot.

MC Lyte ft. Positive K- I'm Not Havin' It

Wow. I don't expect Lyte to appear, but stranger things have happened. The song isn't the same without her. Wishful thinking. 4%.

Lord Finesse ft. Big L Yes You May (Funk Flow Remix)
Hmmmm. I saw Finesse perform years ago and don't know what his present day sets consist of. Obviously L won't be there to assist him with this one, but if Finesse knows his contingency, he should go in on this. "Strictly for the Ladies" was a very close second but I'm pretty confident he'll do it. 54% chance.

Chubb Rock- Ya Bad Chubbs

Chubb's first hit. "I am not Robocop, I'm Chubb Rock." 60% chance for at least one verse.

Doug E. Fresh- I-Ight (Alright) [All Star Remix]
This isn't the version I want to hear but I couldn't find that shit anywhere. Thought I had the 12" but can't find and my searches on the net proved fruitless. I want the original video version where ESG's "UFO" is used. 100% chance on this one- 80% on the dope version.

I have 2 for Brand Nubes:

Brand Nubian- Love Me or Leave Me Alone (Remix)
The original is dope enough but this version is darker and dirtier. Super long shot on this one- I'd say 0%. 100% on the original version.

Brand Nubian- Step Into Da Cipher
The guitar from the jump and Buckshot's vocal sample made this shit a banger. Add Snagglepuss and you win. I could do without Maestro Manny and one or 2 of the other cats. 3% chance.

Sweet Tee
I'm really not a fan. Same goes for Suga.

Tix are unavailable online but can be purchased at the Irving Plaza- oops, damn, The Filmore NY @ Irving Plaza box office. For more info click HERE.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back in the Days In the Cookie Jar of Linden...

Fuck all these fancy cookie spots with their $4 cookies. We're in a recession people. If I'm going to continue to cop kicks and fitteds I need to keep other costs at a minimum. That's why I think it's time we show some respect to one of the OGs in the game. Linden's. They were responsible for my lunch from 10th to 12th grades. Buckemdown knows. 2 of the large soft cookies and 2 cartons of chocolate milk everyday. No wonder my teeth are all fucked up. Luckily my metabolism kept it slim back then.

The 3 packs are pretty common and available at the majority of bodegas in NYC. But it's the 2 packs of the Linden's Big Cookies that are hard to come by. No longer do they sell the large 1 pack. Man oh man, those joints were delicious. And they absorbed that chocolate milk so well. Yes, I stay dunking. The 2 pack you see above was purchased at a deli in Jamaica, Queens on Sutphin Boulevard. They are soft, but not as sweet and don't contain the large chocolate chips/chunks like the OG soft joints. You see the distances I have to travel to satiate my Linden's crave? No stone goes unturned.

To clarify, the 3 pack are the Large Chocolate Chip cookies and the 2 pack are the Big Chocolate Chip cookies, as shown directly above. I do not mess with the butter crunch joints. The Linden's site offers oatmeal raisin, peanut butter chocolate chip, and lemon- but I can't recall the last time I saw any of those in person. The 2 packs aren't even available on their site. Is Canal Street bootlegging Linden's? Or the Africans on 28th and Broadway? That's what's up.

Many nights were spent eating a 3 pack or 2 with a 40 oz. of Olde E. I felt the 2 complemented each other very well. Fast forward to 2009 and I still find myself throwing a pack or 2 on the counter with a six of Heiny Lights. No more Time Out Party Mix though- I just can't put that shit in my body anymore. These cookies are addictive. What separates them from other cookies is their saltiness. It's as if they're dipped in a salt solution just before getting thrown in the wrapper. And shit- who doesn't like a little salt/sweet interplay? It really works. I usually prefer a softer chocolate chip cookie, but these are an exception. Even when they crack into smaller pieces after getting thrown around, they're just as good.

The large cookies are 3" in diameter while the big cookies are 3.75" in diameter. If my memory serves me correctly, the one pack large cookie was about 5". The 3 pack offers 1 3/4 oz. of cookie, costing 50 to 75 cents, and the 2 pack totals 2 3/4 oz. and cost me 75 cents.

To really take me back to the Linden glory days I attached a Stretch and Bob WKCR 89 Tec 9 show from late 1993. Eating cookies and talking shit. The essence. I suggest you do the same with a co-worker or friend. I'm not sure if this was from my collection or if I dled it from Konstant Kontact. Either way, enjoy. Some treats. And I used divshare so you can stream it as well as save it.

Stretch & Bobbito 10/28/93

H is for no longer on a Hiatus.

You lame jokes came close cause you hate us, No longer on a Hiatus...

Meanwhile it's all about the Hiatus, Read Fresh's latest, we love the attention when players hate us...

Diamond Ft. Cru- Hiatus Remix

Any excuse to listen to the Hiatus remix is good for me. Those strings, courtesy of Mr. Axelrod, are hypnotic. This shit always got me open, and will continue to do so. Probably one of my favorite Diamond tracks. And Cru, too bad they only dropped Da Dirty 30- a dope album at that. Yogi had the beats and Chadio kept you listening. Their logo of the half skull/half smiley face was one of the better images used in the hiphop game.

And a hiatus it has been. 2009 has not served my blog game well. In fact it's been pretty shitty. But when 2 lovely H caps appear at my doorstep that's the kick in the ass I need. It reminds me of the early days of HowfreshEats bundled up in my heatless apartment thinking of making it big one day. Well I have heat now and I ain't giving that shit up. So I need to get on my grind. I don't want to go back. Please Lord, don't allow that. 2009 is about forward progress. Superbowl is over and pitchers and catchers is about a week away. And the fantasy baseball mags are beginning to hit newsstands. Uh oh.

So let's discuss these gems. First off, black and orange might be the best colorway EVER. Giants, Bengals, Flyers- the shit always works. Too bad I don't have 2 noggins to rock both simultaneously. I'll work on that in the new year too. Both of these caps are simple, but fresh. The beauty of the black cap is the green underbill. Images of the late 80's- early 90's MLB caps appear. Green as grass baby. Just a nice touch. The orange cap was sort of an accident. I was set on the black and asked about the orange thinking they would be sold out since it dropped many moons ago. At first I thought I was off the hook when the dude said all he had was a 7 3/4. But a second later he found it and I took that as a sign of destiny so I had to go in. I look at it as if I saved some money on shipping. It's a win win.

Another great touch that Fitted Hawaii usually incorporates in their designs is the lack of any logo on the back or side. Another nod to the MLB caps pre-logo on the back. Aside from the mandatory New Era flag on the left side over the ear, the H is the star of the show. As it should be.