Monday, June 16, 2008

Beats, Eats, Feets, & The Letter H.

Some random shit that deserved exposure:


Joell Ortiz might be the nicest dude out right now- at least that I listen to. He just dropped this "Summertime in Brooklyn" over Jigga's Primo produced "A Million and One Questions." Jacked from Nahright.

"So I stay fresh and find a girl that's thinking what I'm thinking/ And give her back shots like I ain't feel like drinking"

They just don't make them like this anymore.

Joell Ortiz- Summertime in Brooklyn

And this new Raekwon "Once In A Lifetime" ft. Mika on his relationship bullshit is in rotation- the Mid June mixtape. Any track dealing with female drama is always worth a listen. Loyal dudes get burnt. Ugh. Shit's dope though, and I'm looking forward for that OB4CL2. Snatched from 2dopeboyz.

Raekwon- Once In a Lifetime


The June 8 NY Times Travel section did a great piece on ballpark fare throughout the country. Along with an article recounting Peter Meehan's travels to 12 parks, they provided a guide for all 30 stadiums in the MLB. Peep the article HERE and the ballpark guide HERE. Luckily the Yankees have had great teams over the years, because the food is pretty shitty. Seems like the better the team, the worse the food. In that case, the Yankees should step their gourmet game up especially with Wang being out for 6 weeks. Now I understand why the Giants always have asses in seats.


The Air Max 95 Neons just dropped AGAIN. And no matter how many times they drop, they are still a beautiful shoe. The more recent drops look a bit cheaper and you can tell the differences (see above)- i.e. smaller bubble in back and darker shades of grey- but that neon is so fucking fresh. How fresh? So fucking fresh. I was in Oneonta back in '95 when they dropped and I recall some rich Italian kids from Brooklyn having them. I knew a girl that worked at Hermann's in Cross County who said she could get them for me on discount- $92 or something, but it never panned out. I've had a pair for years- the 99 release which has the PS 20 on the sole- that I got off ebay back in 2001 or so and paid a grip not realizing they'd drop 10 times since- but you can never go wrong with extras of these. I had a size 12- but we all know you need to go a size up or you get that toe lump and that is a TERRIBLE look. Luckily my boy had a 13 he wanted to get rid of so we worked something out and I unloaded my 12. The neon completely makes the shoe. I'm not in love with the style, just the color- and the way Nike allotted the colors- not ODing on the neon, but just enough to want more and creating an aesthetic that hasn't been matched since. They used the grey radiant and black mid sole with a variety of other colors- but nothing matched the neon. I almost get the same feeling looking at the neons as I do my name. On some shit never gets old feeling. Possibly a personal thing.

Here's the Original Ad from Sports Illustrated- the yellow is from aging:


I fucked up and slept on this Hickory Crawdads fitted. What the fuck was I thinking? The shit has an H, a crawfish, and a baseball- 3 loves in the world of Howfresh. The spot sold out my size so I'm H-less on this one. It was designed in conjunction with the lobster dunks, so I guess some little dickhead hypebeast will be rocking my shit. Fuck him and fuck me. Please disregard the Mets joint- in the process of getting photo editing software- still a rookie at this shit.

Wow, I was angry on this post. Maybe due to the ants I had in the bathroom this morning. First time I ever saw them in 5 years. This humidity's a bitch.


buckemdown said...

Beats... Joel's definitely uses some pretty slick wordplay, and spits nice punchlines. I guess you gotta be pretty nice with the verbals in order to score a 1400 on your SATs. Not even Howfresh pulled that.

Eats... As much as I will miss the old Yankee stadium and the memories and nostalgia that surround it, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about the new home. After visiting a couple of the newer stadiums recently (namely, Citizens Bank and Camden Yards) I can't wait to see what kind of food fare the new stadium will offer. Even with the notable improvements made in the eats department over the last few years (Carl's steaks, Arthur Ave.) the food selection is still subpar.

Feats... I was a fan of the Air Max 95s, but moreso of the orange joints than the neon.

The Letter H... There are approximately 25 other letters that interest me more.

R. said...

What toe lump? Explain yourself. I wanted to cop the 95 joints back during the orig. run but I had short change back then. Perfect summer shoes though, might get em this go around. They kinda wack looking if you have big feet though.

Oh, fitteds are teh ghey in 2008. I know you NYC heads have this habit of sucking your own styles until they past dry these days but I just wanted to let you know. (LOL)