Monday, June 16, 2008

Jim Kahn Live in the BX- Friday Night, June 20th

NYC and the Triboro will finally have the chance to see Jim Kahn in action Friday night, June 20. The buzz from the L.A. show has toned down and it's safe again for Jim to be out in the public eye. The unexpected stardom caught him off guard, but the 7 1/2 59-50 New Era hasn't increased in size at all. This homecoming show has been a long time coming and guaranteed to be a banger. I'm sure the local folks will be out there in full force, but those of you that don't know him but like his music come through and enjoy. Who knows, DJ HowFresh might even get on the tables and fuck around with some treats you haven't heard in a while.

Jim Kahn Live at The Connecting Bar
6697 Broadway just north of 262nd St.
Doors open at 9 pm

New Jim Kahn Joints:

Jim Kahn- Just Blaze Joint

Jim Kahn- No Philosopher

Jim Kahn Classics:

Jim Kahn- Extravaganza

Jim Kahn- The Lix Freestyle

Jim Kahn- End of Time
- On the critically acclaimed HowfreshEats Best of 2007 list


buckemdown said...

Looking forward to this show Kahn. Time to rip it down NYC style - show LA how it's really done. I would love to hear HowFresh rip the tables too - I know he gives nothing but treats that'll get the crowd (specifically, me) amped. said...

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