Thursday, June 5, 2008

Paid Dues 2008 - Dope Show, but a 20 Minute Rakim Set???

The show was dope- had some real surprises and great energy, but a 20 minute Rakim set is unacceptable. No disrespect to Blackalicious, Gift of Gab's muppet voice was kind of bananas, but Rakim should have a set 3x the length of theirs. My guess is that he showed up late and we paid the price. Damn Rakim. I was there when he got arrested prior to an April 2004 show at Roseland for not paying child support. That bill included Ghostface, Talib and Slick Rick so he might not have been considered the headliner, but last night, the only reason I made it out on a work night was to see the R. I suppose 20 minutes is better than nothing, and within that time, he blessed the mic, but I didn't get a chance to hear Know the Ledge or Mahogany. Ra, check this out- let's make it an IOU and you'll get us this summer.

Walked in when Scratch was doing his beatbox thing. I rather see a DJ set. Buckshot hit the stage next and he killed it. Old shit, new shit, and then KABLOW- KRS joined him on stage and did The Bridge is Over and South Bronx. Oh boy. Then the horns to Bucktown come in and Steele hits the stage walkin' round town with the pound strapped down...

Murs was next- dope show, not too familiar, then Blackalicious, followed by GZA who has a dope catalog, but his shows are pretty ordinary. He's not an energetic cat and his flow is always tempered, but Cold World and Liquid Swords is always a treat.

Then came Rakim after a little wait. But Kid Capri was his DJ- still kills it, and Rakim got loose. Finished the set with Microphone Fiend, always a great look.

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