Thursday, June 26, 2008

Get It Crystal Clear, Stay Crispy to the Fitted and Every Kick I Wear.

Wise words from a hip hop luminary some of you might know as Jim Jones. The man is just speaking the truth. I'll take it from here Jimmy. Side note- the joint that line was taken from "My Love" on Juelz's From Me To U album was almost on my music list for day game at bats. I believe I played it several years ago at one of the Heineken Honky Home Run Derbys. Don't know what that is? Wikapedia that shit. Like how Soulja Boy researched Ice-T. Unbelievable. Just trying to speak the language. I'm too analog.

For your listening pleasure... Juelz Santana ft. Jim Jones- My Love (Remix)

Saw 2 things today that were worth a little exposure. As mentioned a week or so ago, the Neon 95s just dropped and pretty much sold out everywhere. If you ever wanted a fitted to match, it was a serious mission to find that neon yellow on a New Era. They never hit it quite right- always more green than yellow, and that shit didn't pop enough. I heard New Era had a limited amount of color swatches to use while Nike was always able to create new colors, thus never producing a match. Doesn't make much sense to me. Anyway, this spot Leaders in Chicago just dropped this joint that is DOPE. Playing off the Polo Wing logo from the early 90s, the hat features an L with the wing. H is # 1, but L is the last name so it can get some play. Though it's a pinwheel-esque cap- solids are much more preferable- the color scheme is buttahs. This might be the first fitted that truly matches. The different panels reflect the gray gradiant and that neon looks like neon. The major problem with fitteds for the 95s is the use of a light grey cap instead of the charcoal gray. The dark/neon contrast is what makes the shoe, and therefore will make the cap. Preach.

Kicks wise, Alife just dropped these Saucony Shadow 6000s in 3 "classic revival" colorways. We're talking simple flavor. An 80's model, the Shadow is a clean show with a chunky midsole that screams 80s baby. The colorways, especially the red, remind me of the first Air Max 1s. Not busy at all, these utilize a perfect allotment of color. This is the type of shoe not non shoeheads will double take. That kelly green joint is hmm, hmm, hmm on some Kane shit. Green kicks are hard to find. This might be the winner. They drop at Alife Rivington Club down in the LES this Saturday and cost a reasonable $110. You can also get them online at Rivington Club. Alife usually hits the mark when designing. One of their most recent collabos- the Irak Adidas RMX EQT runners had me urinating on myself. In a good way. Hurry up or you'll miss these.


thekid10705 said...

love them air max joints!!

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