Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now Batting. # 24. Howfresh...

We're talking Rickie Henderson status. I'll throw Tino in the mix too. Ruben Sierra was the man in Texas, but not NY. Kevin Maas- had a season for the ages. Sidney Ponson- beat it. Cano might get there one day but needs to start hitting way above the Mendoza line.

6 months later and we're still going. Eats, beats, kicks, and fitteds continue to be devoured and I am enjoying this shit. Pushing myself to attempt a post per day, and while I've been sticking to that as of late, the late night typing and uploading is taking its toll. Fuck it. This city never sleeps, so I won't either. It's nothing new anyway. Been the M.O. since JHS 141.

Going to Yankees games my entire life, it was always a dream to be announced by Bob Sheppard. "Now Batting... Number 24...Howfresh." The power his voice evokes. The cadences. It's perfect. The man was a speech teacher at St. John's so he learned a thing or 2 over the years. Now comes the tricky part. Which songs would be playing when I came to the plate? I've been having this conversation with friends and myself for years. You can be slick and say you'd have new joints each game, but that wouldn't work. 4 or 5 songs that you want to hear each time you enter the box. By the way, I imagine myself batting clean-up. Don't hate. So you know my shit needs to be hard. I've noticed that the Yankees rarely switch things up. Jeter has Jeezy now or something of that ilk, Giambi still uses that crazy bass heavy west coast track, A-Rod comes out to "This is Why I'm Hot"- again, don't hate, Abreu and Cano rock that salsa, and Matsui is on his rock and roll. I need some help next time- somebody to not focus on the game, but only the intro tracks.

Here's my theory behind what tracks to choose. I do believe that day games warrant different beats than night games. When the sun's out the gangsta-ness isn't as necessary. Channel that sunlight in a positive way. On some feel good shit. Still knock the shit out of the ball, but not out for blood. Just riding them nice vibes. Night time we get gully. Hard beats- that kill kill kill shit. Like you're going to war. Mind you, I'm aware that the dirty versions wouldn't be able to be played, and certain tracks wouldn't be appropriate, but this is my dream so anything flies.


1st At Bat- 1st inning hopefully- with some ducks on the pond

Eric B & Rakim- Run For Cover- Gun shots. Letting the pitcher know he's in trouble.

2nd At Bat- 3rd or 4th inning- already in the lead

Ghostface- Mighty Healthy- Oooooooooweeeeeee. "Once a man's a killer, they just keep on killing and killing- they develop a taste for blood." The pitcher is so shook at this point. On some intentional walk steez. "Rap Derek Jeter" makes it even more appropriate.

3rd At Bat- 6th or 7th inning- relief pitcher

Purple City Bird Gang- Purple City Bird Gang- Ditty bopping up to the plate with this shit pumping through the speakers. That beat is so mean. All the purple in the front row has the pitcher scared to climb the mound. I need to keep calling time- dude's fucking up my focus.

4th at bat- late in the game- 9th inning or so

Brand Nubian- Allah U Akbar- Summonsing the heavens on this one. The chanting build up until that drum drops is heavy. The pitcher is some Midwest Git 'er Done patriot and freaks out once he hears Arabic- if only he knew the meaning. Regardless, he's unfocused and I'm going for the cycle.

5th At Bat- Bottom of the 9th

Gang Starr- Mass Appeal- Full count, 2 outs, bases loaded. "Money's Growing Like Grass with the Mass Appeal." You know it's on. It's so on. Home run. Good night. All the fans rush to the Dug Out where the party continues.


1st At Bat

Eric B & Rakim- Microphone Fiend- Been dreaming of stepping up to the plate with this for close to 20 years. This could be a night time beat too. Gets the adrenaline shooting out the ears.

2nd At Bat

Nas- Memory Lane- The organ and heavenly chants take you to that next level. Add some Primo drums, and I'm smacking balls off the facade. The realest shit I ever wrote.

3rd At Bat

Cam'ron- Killa Cam- You already know what it is. On some complete cowinkidink (Cam steez) there's some baseball talk in the intro. Cue it up to some "Bitches say I'm tacky daddy, range look like laffy taffy" and the bat will do the rest of the talking.

4th At Bat

Special Ed- I Got it Made- It doesn't get more braggadocio than this. Letting the pitcher know I'm his idol, the highest title, numero uno, and I'm not a Puerto Rican.

5th At Bat

Nice & Smooth- No Delayin'- That Prince sample and Kane's "Ah Yeah, I'm With This" gets me every time. That beat makes you want to conquer the world. Absolutely no striking out with this playing.

While I'm sure there will be additions to the list with the flavor of the month and so on, I like what I'm playing with. I got plenty of honorable mentions and if the game went extra innings I have an arsenal of heaters, but I had to really trim the list down and stick with the heavy hitters.

Hit the comments and list your joints.

Coming soon- Yankee Stadium eating. Where you need to hit prior to the game. Unless of course you're working with expense accounts and corporate cards. I know who you are.


Allen said...

Love it. Now batting, number 24, Howfresh, number 24. Definitely caught off guard with some of them. "Allah U Akbar" would get people out of the seats or at least freak them all out. Thought you were gonna throw in "Know the Ledge."

For myself, my only definite is "Times Up" - OC. Love that bass at the beginning. No particular order but some other joints I might need in the mix are "Who Got the Props" - Black Moon, starts so strong. "Reign of the Tec" - Beatnuts, "go straight for the jugular". Off the cuff, maybe "The Watch" - Ghost and Rae, and "Bout It Bout It pt. 3" - Dipset and Masta P.

Great debate material right here. Keep up the good work.

thekid10705 said...

Hilarious, Awesome, Brilliant, you name it..This shit got me laughing and now thinking my joints to come out to..HowFresh in the 4 hole is great!!!

I would definitely keep it old school(hip hop/r&b/punk/rock n roll)..I hate when today's stars come out to some wack shit that is now on the radio..whatever funny shit..Fresh, you know yuo gotta shout Yankee Tavern for the next eats convo..Holla, I'll be at the day game 2moro...

thekid10705 said...

oh yeah, big shout out to the 6 month anniversary!!keep up the good work...

buckemdown said...

Brilliant post to commemorate the 6-month anniversary of HowFreash EATS.

Being that you're batting clean-up, and we're obviously playing on the same team, I'll be stepping up in the 3-hole - so the uncertainty of you getting up in the 1st inning is now cleared up. First up is gonna have to be "Buckemdown" by Smif N' Wessin, for obvious reasons. This one will have to be the original though, because while I love the remix that shit might lull the fans to sleep. Then I think I'd have to include some Dax EFX "Mic Checka" because when that shit drops it's just bananas. Guaranteed home run. I know you stole "Memory Lane" How, but I think the better Nas choice would be "The World Is Mine." Might have to rock the remix though to keep the Air Nike's on my feet. No worries How, you can get busy to it while you're in the on-deck - give the fans a show. Ooh, last one for now, Redman "Time 4 Sum Aksion" - this one may just force the opposing team to forfit.

As far as Corporate accounts for enjoying overpriced Stadium Fare, you know who you gotta roll with How - just don't pass on the ticket and let it go to Seamus.

Anonymous said...

song suggestions-

Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice
Crossover- EPMD
Too Legit 2 Quit- MC Hammer
Informer- Snow

HowFresh said...

Yeah. Know the Ledge could definitely be there, but I had already met the Eric B & Rakim quota.

And Buck- NY State of Mind would have been the other Nas joint. You already know.