Saturday, February 2, 2008

H is for Hawaii

And I am 5,000 miles away from the Aloha State. These 2 beauties drop today, so I'll have to wait and hope that the locals don't cop all the 7 5/8. I'm just checking for the dark navy joint- I thought it was black too. The red is cool- but not priority. Full disclosure- I copped the purple one that dropped last week. Green was sold out.

I got shortchanged with a name that starts with H. Hawaii is the lone state and there aren't many cities that spark their namesake with the glorious eighth letter. What the fuck??? Ain't that some bullshit. M, N, and A have it good, real good, and I and W aren't too far behind. And I bet assholes named Michael, Nick, and Adam couldn't give 2 shits about copping fitteds with their letter.

The History of H


After being told there were no 7 5/8 left, I received a call asking if I wanted to place my order. Thinking this was a sick joke, I told the dude I called 30 minutes earlier and was informed they were sold out. Apparently a stash was set aside for phone orders. A big Mahalo to the good people at Fitted Hawaii. Peep the site for some cool product. They update often.


thekid10705 said...

AWESOME, lol...Should I take offense to this post cause my name is Nick?..Stop hating Fresh, that shit is just wrong B'..

thekid10705 said...

fuckin' real low blow kid..

HowFresh said...

I kind of thought that when I wrote this. I got stuck with Nick or Nathan, and you won. You got that Nicky X belt though- right? So you repping then.

The Chad said...

I smell a dis record coming from one of these guys. I got love for both of you dudes so I play the sideline. Just keep it on wax fellas. Put the burners on the shelf.