Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hip Hop is NOT Dead. Neither is Boxing.

I say that with great confidence. Without spitting that hip hop is wack rhetoric, this shit right here will provide you with hope. Blue & Exile. I admit when I first saw the album cover I had no interest in peeping this shit. Just look at it. There's no smiling in hiphop. But after hearing a track or 2, and letting it sit with me and permeate the membrane, this shit is the truth.

I rarely have the energy or desire to cop a CD, but I would have traveled to remote locations to get my hands on this. I think it's available on itunes, but I wanted the tangible item. Virgin was sold out, this CD released in August of 2007. If I hadn't been heading back from NJ last night, I wouldn't be preaching this gospel. I took the Holland Tunnel and was heading uptown on 6th Ave. Thinking Fat Beats would still be open at 8:45 pm, I parked illegally ran up the stairs and to my joy and pleasure they had 1 copy left, the in-store listener. Cracked jewel case and all- but the CD plays like new. Dude was willing to sell and I was willing to cop. Divine intervention was definitely in play for this one.

Peep the 2 tracks. Lyrically and production wise, these are some heat rocks. Blue can spit and Exile can produce. Not a complicated system, but rarely is it executed so thoroughly. The rest of the album follows suit. If you can attain a copy, I highly recommend it. Major props to When They Reminisce... and Wake Your Daughter Up for doing the work and putting me on to some shit I never would have heard of. Check these sites out. Tons of music and info.

Blu & Exile- Simply Amazin'

Blu & Exile- So(ul) Amazin' (Steel Blazin')

And watch that Kelly Pavlik v Jermaine Taylor fight tonight on PPV. Bad Intentions vs. The Ghost. Youngstown, OH vs. Little Rock, AR. Since I've been to Youngstown- one run down city- Rust Belt at its finest- he's my dog for this one. Where else can 2 people bowl 2 frames each, drink beers and pay $22? Also grubbed at the Waffle House there (see below). Always order the cheesy eggs at the WH. Scrambled eggs with cheese with raisin toast and grits. And the sweet tea is usually on point. I miss that shit.

If the first fight is any indication, this will be the fight of 2008. Paul Williams highly disappointed us last week, and this will reinvigorate our spirits. Fuck Kimbo and that MMA garbage- this is the nitty gritty. Some footage of the previous fight. - Watch more free videos

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