Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday is for Giving.

Since Sunday is Ferrari day, what better way to follow that up with a little philanthropy. Finally getting to some requests.

Street Smartz- Problemz

Street Smartz- Metal Thangz ft. O.C. and Pharoah Monch

Tribe- Scenario Remix Instrumental

Natural Resource- Bum Deal Remix

RZA- Tragedy

RZA- Tragedy Instrumental

Grand Puba- Fat Rat

Black Attack- Correct Technique

Black Attack- Correct Technique Instrumental

Mobb Deep- Shook Ones Pt. II Instrumental

This wasn't requested, but I've been bumping it lately. A classic. Those that know, know.

Juggaknots- Clear Blue Skies


evan said...

Can't and never go wrong with RZA instrumentals. I've got The World According to on my regular playlist supplemented with Afro Samurai.

Anything as haunting as the instru for Cold World?

The Chad said...

Good lookin

HowFresh said...

When it comes to RZA and his earlier Wu shit, I mess with him. Otherwise I tend to stay away. I give him credit for what he does and how he's championed his own shit, but I prefer a classic hiphop sound. Maybe I'm missing out.

I hear you on Cold World- 4th Chamber intro always had that bugged shit to it. 4th Disciple and Mathematics brought that ill shit too.

HowFresh said...

Chad- I do this for you.

Jaeho said...

Good lookin out, Hoard.