Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ms. Donnie Baseball Goes Bonkers and I Ate a Brain Sandwich in Evansville.

Ms. Donnie Baseball Arrested

In 1985 when Donnie was MVP status you think she'd be acting this way? 23 years later and things done changed. Peep Mrs. Mattingly- arrested cause she can't keep away from the Don. Damn Kim. Get your shit together. Not too long ago it was made public that Donnie wouldn't be the bench coach under Torre with the Dodgers for undisclosed family reasons. Not a secret anymore. Donnie's a Yankee for life and we always have love for him so hopefully this mess gets settled and the Mattingly clan can work things out.

Is it creepy that I took pics of his crib when I was in Evansville? Or that I wanted to wait by the gate to yell out the "Donnie Baseball" cheer? In "the Ville" he's just be the same old Don, but to a New Yorker, dude's a legend.

Now on to the more intriguing part of this post... The Brain Sandwich. Yes kiddies, I ate a fried pig brain sandwich at the Hilltop Inn in Evansville, IN. What's in Evansville you ask, one of my favorite things, and it's not brain sandwich. You could say the Hilltop is an Eville landmark, established in 1839. I had talked so much shit about it before I went out there that I couldn't reverse course. When in Rome, you know? It honestly was the most difficult thing I ever ate. Each bite was preceded by a deep breath and prayer not to vomit. I'm usually mad talkative when I chow down, but this was the quietest meal I ever had. I got witnesses. The concentration on each bite was major. I made sure there was an abundance of pickles and onions- you can see them in the bottom right. I ate half and gave the other half away to a lucky man. He already had his own, but wanted to make me feel even worse and like half a man, so he scarfed down that little swine cerebellum, and laughed at me.

Pig brain has the consistency of a sponge. I would imagine all brain has similar texture. And there isn't much flavor. The batter was pretty bland, so that you can fully appreciate the charm and nuances of the offal. It didn't help that the bun was about half the size of the brain. It looked like a yarmulke on a head. That some blasphemous shit right there.

A close up...

I had finally gained comfort in the realization that I would be eating a brain sandwich, a bovine brain that is. When I found out it was pig (after Mad Cow they had to switch it up), I got freaked out. Once I had the sandwich in my paws I don't think the type of brain would have made a difference. I just like to use the old brain switcharoo excuse. I would have housed those cow mentals.

I usually cover only tri-state cuisine, but for the jet setters out there, this will come in handy. Love the midwest, accept it, enjoy it. Sometime you just have to cross state lines. If you're ever in Evansville and need your fix here you go. I hear they're in abundance at Fall Festival too. You'll have to wait for that one.

Hilltop Inn
1100 Harmony Way
Evansville, IN 47720
(812) 422-1757


buckemdown said...

I'm not sure what made me more nauseous - the pig brain sandwich, or Donnie Baseball's wife's mug shot. I'm sorry, can somebody please tell him who he is??

The Chad said...

Fresh gets brain either way.
Nah but on the real you fuckin stole it. Your still my man and all that....But you fuckin stole it.

The Chad said...

Yo Buck I co-sign that. What the fuck is wrong with The Hitman? That Bitch looks like Rutger Hauer. She is bugged out son.

dfacedxa said...

damn they will fry anything. props for mannin up.