Friday, February 8, 2008

Unable to think of a clever title.

I had visions of something else tonight, but couldn't bring it all together in time. I'll have it ready this weekend.

Keeping with the Thursday night hip hop theme, here's a Stretch and Bob from 1994. Not sure of the exact date, but the tracks are banging as always and we got some jokes thrown in there for good measure. There's a special freestyle session with Sear and Bob too. I might make this a recurring post and drop WKCR tapes until the well runs dry. Maybe somebody can listen to them and provide complete tracklistings.

Stretch & Bobbito- No Clue from 1994


jason said...

Yo, my favorite line from Sear was "My breath smell bad like Vietnam". Classic. Damn, Sear ain't snappin on that level on Shade45

dfacedxa said...

uptown hit... strictly uptown hits? clean version never bang as hard. i gotta get my ass out the crib next time kurious is rockin live. pete rock is gettin down for his album release in a week or so..

dfacedxa said...

yo i commented already.. i kno ill shut up.... on that show they play the tradgedy street life... flip it into the tribe. that tradg joint is my shit. no matter how much i love the tribe shit. check how dilla rocked that shit hard also.