Monday, February 25, 2008

Piper's Kilt Burger Delivers Baby in Dining Room.

That's just how incredible they are.

In a perfect world it would read like this...

"The Bronx has the Yankees, the Bronx Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Fordham University and Piper's Kilt."

The End.

I shouldn't be upset that PK never gets included in the pantheon of burger spots throughout the city. All the hype will ultimately cause a mad dash uptown and first there will be a line to get in, then rents will go up, and ultimately Kingsbridge will look like Williamsburg. On some manifest destiny shit. And the Bronx will finally be appreciated, the sole borough that's part of the U.S. mainland. All because of a burger. Now that's some powerful shit. Even A Hamburger Today hasn't ventured uptown to review this burger. I'm a little disappointed.

With a new burger joint opening every other week, PK continues to churn out the same burger night after night and maintain a level of excellence that is rarely matched anywhere else. Half a pound of ground beef formed into a hefty patty that sits well on a lightly sesame seeded bun. The burger is always cooked to exact specification- medium rare in my case. Charred on the outside and pink in the middle. The plate always has a reddish pool when the meal is completed. It is a great alternative to ketchup. Any vegetarian that was a former meat eater, never tried one of these before they converted. There is no way that you would deprive yourself of this joy.

Usually I order a mushroom swiss burger with fries, and a slice of tomato and raw onion on the side. Tomato, onion and lettuce cost extra and have to be requested. You can replace the fries with potato salad or cole slaw, but the fries are the move. Crisp and salty with a nice golden hue. You also get half a pickle.

Most of the newer spots make smaller patties- 5-6 ounces. For lunch or a quicker meal that size works, but when you're hungry and looking for a real meal, there's nothing like chowing down on a mini monster. If that's not enough, PK offers the Broadway burger- a 10 ouncer for an additional $1.50.

Nothing complements the burger better than a cold Heineken light and a game or 2 on one of the screens. Monday nights offer 20 cent wings- after 8 or 9- call to find out. Though I've been eating there for years- I don't completely remember all the prices. I believe a cheeseburger with fries is $7.50. Add a couple of beers and you're getting out of there for less than $20. If you live in the 5 boroughs or just outside, and you love burgers, this place is a must. They stopped robbing kids on 231st and Broadway years ago, so no need to worry.

There are 2 other Piper's Kilts. One is located on Broadway, just north of 207th Street- down the block from the A train- and the other is in Eastchester, NY- all pertinent info below. I feel that the Bronx location serves the best food, but would gladly eat at the other 2 if I'm in the area.

P.S. I wish I took better photos. Didn't realize that first photo was blurry till I got home. Also didn't get a chance to take a shot outside- it was pouring. Now I definitely need to go back.

Piper's Kilt
170 W 231st St. corner of Albany Crescent
Bronx, NY 10463
(718) 548-9539
Take 1 train to 231st and walk 1 block to Albany Crescent- right past the Blockbuster.

Piper's Kilt Inwood
4944 Broadway just north of 207th St.
New York, 10034
(212) 569-7071

Piper's Kilt Eastchester
433 White Plains Rd.
Eastchester, NY 10709
(914) 961-9815

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