Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When Tuesdays Meant You Hit Tower or HMV to Cop That New Shit.

They might be gone, but the feeling lingers. It's been one of those weeks when Tuesday couldn't come quick enough. What's all the fuss? Pete Rock- NY's Finest. Off the strength of what Pete's done for hip hop, I support the dude. Then throw in the tracks that have released or leaked and it's really a no brainer.

I'm not going to post the album because I want people to go out and cop. I'll post some tracks to whet the appetite. Looking at the roster makes any true head perk up. Royal Flush, Redman, Chip Fu (what???), Little Brother, Doo Wop, Lords of the Underground, Raekwon, Papoose, Styles P and several other artists all step up to bless a PR beat. All tracks produced by Pete Rock except for "Don't Be Mad" produced by Green Lantern, and let me say it's one of the better Green tracks I've heard. Pete Rock's solo on this one and has one other unassisted track, "Till I Retire." "Made Man" featuring Tarrey Torrae only utilizes her background vocals, while Pete hits all the verses. I think we can all agree that we don't cop his albums for his lyrics.

"We Roll" ft. Jim Jones and Max B., a perennial favorite of mine for sometime, starts it off and it rolls from there, no pun intended. "914" featuring Sheek and Styles reps for all the Westchester folks and the beat knocks. "Questions" ft. Royal Flush is straight business. The shit is mean. Flush where you been? Redman does his thing on "Best Believe"- the horn has a resemblance to the horns on "Tru Master" off Soul Survivor. Not recycled, just similar. Pete does his Yardy thing on "Ready Fe War" ft. Chip Fu and Renee from Zhane. Still undecided on that one. The Lords joint, "The Best Secret" has gotten better with every listen. Usually I'm scared to listen to artists that haven't recorded in years, but these dudes didn't embarrass themselves- though Mr. Funky sounds like some other dude. "The PJ's" featuring Raekwon and Masta Killa is cool, but the original version that dropped in 2006 tweaked it better. I'm trying to recall which bass line was sampled but I'm catching a blank. I know it's a well known sample. I'll post it- somebody help me out. To cap off the last 2 tracks Pete Rock enlists Doo Wop on "Let's Go" and Papoose on "Comprehend." Whether meant to or not, it places one of yesteryear's elite mixtape DJs up against the current omnipresent mixtape MC. I think I prefer listening to Wop.

Between this CD and Blu and Exile almost 2 weeks ago, this is the closest thing to a CD binge I've had in years. Nothing on the forefront seems that appealing. Back to copping kicks and fitteds.

Peep the joints below and do what you do. It's early in the listening process, but I have a feeling this album will get repeated play.

914- Pete Rock Ft. Sheek Louch and Styles P

Made Man- Pete Rock ft. Tarrey Torae

Questions- Pete Rock ft. Royal Flush- THIS SHIT IS BONKERS

The PJ's- Pete Rock ft. Raekwon and Masta Killa

The PJs- Pete Rock ft. Raekwon- ORIGINAL VERSION

The NY'S Finest EPK. Now this is a treat. Big surprises.

Some dope behind the scenes footage at Pete's Basement- Diggin' With Pete.

Just because this shit is DOPE. I know I'm ODing on Youtube, please forgive me.

INI- Fakin' Jax- 1996


Derek said...

Everytime I hear T.R.O.Y I get goose bumps, one of my favorite songs of all time. I'm buying this album today. Howie, thank you for bringing Hip Hop to Riverdale.

buckemdown said...

Wait, I thought he brought hip-hop to the Bronx?? Now I'm confused. But yeah, I think I'm gonna have to cop this now as well - roster is pretty thick. And you know Pete Rock production will be hittin.

Derek said...

He did say that to DJ Evil DEE, and was shouted out on Hot 97. I did not want to start a controversy on his blog.

buckemdown said...

Word - thought it was Flex, but you're probably right. How, you got that audio to post?

HowFresh said...

All this libelous talk can fuck up my rep. Let's get it straight.

I didn't talk to Evil Dee, it was his brother Mr. Walt that went back to the show and told Dee, who then proceeded to air me the fuck out.

I got the tape somewhere unless I burned it to destroy all evidence.

"Goodnight Mommy."

Derek said...

Howie - I remember that i called you that night when they outed you. I was driving over the GW bridge. It was when the legend was born.