Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Howfresh Eats the Vote.

Super Tuesday has come to an end and hopefully all you patriotic souls made it to the polls to hit some switches like the E Double. In all honesty this is some serious shit and if you have the privilege of being able to participate in the election, you sure as shit better. After what this country's been through under the current regime, and what we're currently experiencing with respect to the war and recession, we need to make some changes.

I wish I was able to provide the following information prior to the vote. I have a feeling some of you might have reassessed your positions.

Chow.com breaks down the candidates' favorite foods with the Super Tuesday Eat Sheet. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I eat like a Republican.

For starters, did you know that Hilary LOVES tacos? Look at her devour that thing.

Did you know that Obama is a real man that can cook?

Kucinich is a vegan. Or is he? Might be on some Akinyele steez. He had a little bout with food poising in 2007. If I'm going to get sick eating tofu and veggies, I might as well stick to burgers and swine. I've thrown up after eating at Uptown Juice Bar. Pumpkin is disgusting.

McCain eats his burgers medium rare- the only way in my opinion. And has no trouble diving into that thing wearing a tie. He is also part owner of Russ & John's, an integrity themed restaurant.

Romney is Un-American. Do you really want him running the country? He takes the skin off his KFC. That's the best part- tasty, oily, crunchy. What's next? No BBQs on July 4th? No hot dogs at the ball game? Plus he loves the Sawx.

Huckabee eats squirrel. Let me rephrase that, he fried squirrels in a popcorn popper and then ate it. He also eats horse. Got to give the man some props for that. Looks like a porkchop to me. He lost close to 120 pounds so he can eat whatever he wants. I don't agree with any of his right wing loony tunes, but having somebody in office that lost close to 120 pounds would be good for this overweight country.

I'm just happy he conceded defeat. (Please disregard the photoshop skills of a 2nd grader.)


thekid10705 said...

LOL @ Hillary liking taco's, checkout Chelsea in the background munchin' on the huge steak burritto', like a champ kid'..

The Chad said...

How Fresh for President