Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bow & Arrows = RECESSION.

The economy must be fucked up when people start shooting arrows. Bullets are dirt cheap so this is saying something. Maybe Bloomberg's anti-gun policies are resulting in more antiquated forms of weaponry.

In case you haven't heard, a woman was shot with an arrow Sunday afternoon in front of a nursing home in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. What gets me shook is that this is the same nursing home where I vote. Where I exercise my duties as an American citizen. Am I to believe this was some random act of violence or a message? A message to the voting public that a change isn't/wasn't wanted? Maybe this arrow was shot on November 4th, got caught in a massive tempest, and 4 months later began its descent. That must have been one ill trajectory.

It appears that this was an accident- a freakish occurrence of stupidity, and the woman unluckily walked into the arrow's path. This thing got lodged several inches into her belly. Unlike bullets, arrows aren't traceable via serial numbers, so this might go unsolved for a while. We have enough fucked up shit to deal with nowadays between the economy, job market, and A-Rod. Now this? I just can't deal. I'm lucky enough to be able to see buses and airplanes with my oversized fitteds covering my pupils, let alone propelled projectiles.

If this was a kid practicing for his archery team, then his parents need a beating. What's wrong with basketball, stickball, football, baseball, you name it? Fucking kids man. Get off your computer and your other tech bullshit and get some exercise. Archery doesn't count.

Or maybe the Wack-quas-keek Indians that once inhabited the Northwest Bronx are taking back what is rightfully theirs?

HERE is the article from the March 17, 2009 NY Times.


buckemdown said...

Hilarious post - that's all I have to say. I SOL'd (that's Snicker Out Loud for all of you not in the know - that LOL ish is for the birds) for real. Caught me off guard with that one

HowFresh said...

We blowing SOLing up in the '09.

UPDATE: Man arrested in Riverdale .

Anonymous said...

Having read this I sit here astounded at the depth of your ingnorance. Take your own advice and get off your computer and try something. Anything. Quit whining and go do something. Holy crap! Did I just waste almost a minute on this?

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