Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day and WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH A-ROD????

Now that I live in a non Irish neighborhood, March 17th is just like every other day. Granted Irish Eyes and the Liffy Bar are down stairs, but the debauchery doesn't even compare to Behan's, Celtic Cross, Rambling House and of course, the Lark's Nest. I miss the sloppyness in green, but not what happened to me last year.

Now on to the injured 3rd baseman that plays for the world's greatest franchise. Truth be told, the more shit this guy pulls, that "greatest" tag is slowly eroding. Hal and Cash, wake the fuck up. With all the steroids hoopla, followed by the hip injury, 10 weeks of A-Rod less media coverage was a good thing. I've said this numerous times, I used to be a fan of the dude, but that has worn off and I'll root for him strictly based on the fact that he wears pinstripes.

So Details magazine just hit stores with none other than Alex Emmanuel Rodriguez gracing the cover. Really? Really? Seriously? Really? What the fuck is wrong with you? I understand that magazine lead time is months in advance, presumably before the steroid news leaked, but Alex, have the humility, or just the common sense to pull the plug. Turns out the turnaround for this story was around 6 weeks or so. The interview was conducted a day before the Peter Gammons interview addressing A-Roid. I've got to admit that A-Rod sure played it cool knowing the shitstorm was approaching.

Alex- What more do you need? You are extremely wealthy. Extremely talented. Extremely ubuquitous. And extremely maligned. For good reason, as proven by this and you're obsession with doing the wrong thing. We hear you've hired an army of marketing and publicity specialists. Fire them immediately. For 10 grand I'll fix your image. Fly you to an undisclosed location so you don't have the ability to be seen or heard. Sort of like putting mittens on a kid with chicken pox.

This shit is too crazy to be real. Right? It can't be real. He must be fucking with us. He must have the greatest dark sense of humor and get off on this. I hope so. Kissing a mirror, pulling his shirt up, crying in the mirror? What the fuck is going on here? Kissing a mirror? He must be saying- "You think I'm narcissistic? Well here you go you fucking nobodies. Get off my dick, I'm the shit." At least I'd respect him for saying fuck off, I'm doing me, and you'll never be me. But that's doubtful. I wonder how the photographer managed to get those poses. Where was your PR dream team? Maybe Jeter had a disguise on and was snapping away. Interesting.

Below are several excerpts from the interview that I found amusing, or some might say "vomit inducing." I won't even comment on these gems. Other than the dude is fucking crazy. He actually called the writer up to ask him not to print his favorite Madonna record because "The last thing I want to do is go to every stadium and have them play that song" every time he bats. INSANE. I know for a fact that Shelly Duncan takes the subway. But A-Rod??????? The author stated it best with this, "Responses are wiped clean of anything raw, off-message, or authentic."

But what irks me the most?? This motherfucker is wearing Air Force 1s. Nah- not acceptable. You my friend do not deserve to rock these. Stick to a safer sneaker, like the Air Max Ltd. I don't think I've seen these. They aren't white on whites- the sole is either light gray or icey. Either way, not a good luck for AF1s.

To read the entire article go HERE.

On New York:

"New York is one of a kind," Rodriguez says. "It's made me ask all the tough questions. It's brought out the best in me. There are some things I have to work on. And that part is fun." He pauses, and then, perhaps alluding to coming events, says, "Revealing the truth about yourself is always good."

On what he wanted from the old Yankee Stadium:

"What I really wanted I couldn't get," Rodriguez says. "There was a scale in the training room that had been there for years. Very cool, rustic, gold. Babe Ruth weighed himself on that scale. Joe DiMaggio. Mickey Mantle. I would have paid a funny number for that."

On taking the subway:

"I've taken the subway to the stadium," he says, smiling. "For night games. The day to do it is a Friday, because traffic is horrible."

When asked if he really has taken the subway?

"Yeah. I have a hoodie on, but all it takes is one person and then you're done. But it's great. The fans get a kick out of it, I get a kick out of it. We talk about who's pitching tonight, and what we need to do. It's like being on sports radio."

All photos courtesy of Details.


Paul said...

he keeps making it worse and worse.
and then worser.
its like a train wreck in slow motion. is no one watching him? pr wise. those pictures would be weird if he was a rockstar and they have a much longer leash.

thekid10705 said...

Yo, who's Arod's publicist and who signed off on these GAY ass photo's that you know the NY media are going to torture him on??

Sorry Fresh but I think I may have to co-sign the Muts this season!

Paul said...

Arod's publicist is blind, deaf and mute, no joke.

HowFresh said...

Come on now. Now you're talking crazy. At least root for the Phillies. Or the Braves.

These are A-Rod's dream team of publicists.

Derek said...

Call me crazy but I am more of a fan of him now than before. This guy is unreal.

HowFresh said...

D- yeah, you're crazy. As long as hits in the post season I'll be right with you.

buckemdown said...

9 more years of this garbage. Let me repeat - 9 more years of this garbage. I really don't think I've fully come to terms with that yet.

I know D Nice is loving those photos though - pre-ordered that issue immediately.

Another great job Howfresh - keep the SOLs coming

Derek said...

I have those photos over my bed!

buckemdown said...

Now you're lying. They're under your bed... and they're sticky.

HowFresh said...

I thought you were talking about the other D.

buckemdown said...

I definitely was - but this D got all excited so I let it fly.

HowFresh said...

Ayla has taught you patience and self-control.