Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Cotto Fight Sucked and Some Fat Broad Knocked 2 Beers on My Kicks, But...

...I am hear to say that waterproof Air Force 1s really are waterproof. I am living testimony. Nike you can reach me at the email address in red to the right if you need me to do some speaking tours or dramatic reenactments of the events that occurred that night.

I had to sit through 2.5 wack fights and have some hippo donkey broad knock 2 of my drinks over (simultaneously), but the knowledge gained was worth the ordeal. The only thing that really bothered me, and still does, was the lack of an apology. I wouldn't expect her to replace my beers, but at least show some heartfelt remorse for your actions. Instead I got a "you shouldn't have kept them there." Ugh. At least I got to suffer through the fights next to her. And best believe the armrest was mine- ALL MINE. And in case she's reading this, your country man John Duddy sucks. It became very clear why he's undefeated, he fights bums. 26-0. Kuch, get your gloves on, hit the gym and put it on him. Hopefully you don't lose too many customers.

I'm somewhat to blame however. Not wanting to wait on any lines I copped some Smithwick's. Not such a fan- too dark for my liking. My boy didn't want it so I had 2 under my seat. That's how it went down. Plus it was hot as potatoes in there. I'm really disappointed with my first pro fight at the Garden. Think of all the history there, and I wound up at a Cotto throwaway and a Duddy bust. The best fight was a 4 rounder between some Russian dude named Korobov and Cory Jones from BK. Jones got knocked the fuck out with 10 seconds left in the fight. Face met the mat with the quickness. I need a rematch with the Garden. On a related note, I hear the Juan Manuel Marquez v. Juan Diaz fight last night for the lightweight title on HBO was the best of '09 so far.

I was amazed with how quick these shits dried up. When the beers spilled, I freaked out and felt my ankles. My jeans were soaked, but the forces acted as if nothing happened. Visually, these were one of the best kicks to drop in 2008. I never did a best of 2008 kicks post, but these would be in the top 2. Pony hair would be right up there. I'm a sucker for anything khaki, especially kicks. The white swoosh and heel tab are so crisp and the all gum sole lets you focus entirely on the uppers. Plus gum soles are always a win. I think I would have done without the brown "Air" and line around the sole. The canvas/cloth toebox and sidepanel are a great addition and add a ruggedness not so common in forces lately. Canvas also makes a lot of sense since the toeboxes on WP forces aren't perforated, and canvas forces are never perforated. It doesn't look off, while unperforated leather always looks odd. Good job Nike. The nubuck upper works perfectly and provides another rugged element. Picturing leather doesn't look right.

O.44 Sticky Rubber is branded on the ankle. All of Nike's waterproof kicks incorporate this now. Aside from looking cool (I always dig stitching and now branding by the heel) this material has a functional purpose. Per, "A unique feature is actually the new .44 Sticky Rubber which is seen on not just the outsole, but the entire midsole. This is a number assigned to the rubber compound used to create the sole, which is typically seen on ACG products. Basically, the number .44 was seen before on many Nike ACG products, but to the consumer, it was just a number. So actually .44 as a rubber compound isn’t some new technology, but referring to it as 0.44 Sticky Rubber is. It provides great traction, especially in wet weather."
This is some Reggie shit. Or even better, some Obama shit.

After seeing the abuse that these can take, I ODed. I think I wore them 4 days in a row or some crazy shit like that. I hope I didn't do permanent damage to my dogs. I have no problem wearing these out and not worrying about what happens. The shape is beginning to give and that's normal with wear, but the problem is that these are a 12 and a little roomy. I couldn't find an 11.5 and had to go in. I'm currently looking for an extra pair. Mind you, these retailed for $150, but were copped for $90- shout to my people at Vault. I've seen them for cheaper. These are so unbelievably dope that people don't know what to do when they see them. They get scared and run away.

I still have an unworn pair of waterproof Air Force 1 highs from late '06- early '07. I dig them but these don't even compare to the khakis. Plus metal eyelets on forces always pissed me off. I'll leave that for another post.

If interested:

Nike Air Force 1 Low Supreme WP
Olive Khaki/ White- Gm Light Brown
Style # 333884 211


Allen said...

Welcome back HFE.

I've been sleeping so long I didn't even realize Nike made waterproof AF-1s.

It's March aka spring training! What do we think about the new food options at the new stadiums? Wish we had the Shake Shack. Wonder if any new spots will open by the stadium?

buckemdown said...

Khaki? I thought they were just mad dusty.

Allen - definitely looking forward to seeing what the Yankee Dynasty offers in terms of food at the new Stadium. I can't begin to tell you how much it annoys me that Shea got Shake Shack, so I'm hoping the Yankees have something to hit back with. Hopefully at least Arthur Ave. makes it back with the 24oz Peronis.

HowFresh said...

Didn't know they existed? Dusty? Nonsense.

Man- fuck all that- we got Johnny Rockets coming to the BX. Throw Hard Rock in the mix and Shake Shack can beat it.

All I have to say is that at least we have better options on the field. Though some good food would be more than appreciated.