Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did Diamond D Really Scare Crackers Up in Riverdale??

First time I heard that line off "With the Dope Sound" (hear below) I was a bit surprised, but it put Riverdale on the map. Around the time Diamond dropped the classic Stunt Blunts & Hip Hop he was living in Riverdale and I remember seeing him at La Pizzeria. That was even more shocking, but I gave him some props on the album and continued to eat my slice. Did I look scared? Maybe the cheese was so hot that it burned the roof of my mouth, thus causing my eyes to well up. If that was perceived as fear, I'd like to clear things up. Maybe he meant his neighbors. Diamond, if you're reading this let me know.

In late 2008 Diamond released The Huge Hefner Chronicles. I bought the album to support, and with the hopes that he might come with it. I rarely buy albums anymore but certain artists, especially on indy labels, get my lootcakes. Diamond is responsible for one of the greatest albums ever produced. We need to remember who provided the soundtrack for yesteryear and show some respect. Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed with it. The artwork should have forewarned me. What the fuck do I care about some cat balling that in real life isn't balling? The beats didn't do it for me. They weren't what I expect to hear from D. It makes sense since I came to find out that half the album is produced by other cats- Nottz, Jesse West, DJ Scratch and some others. I've never copped a Diamond album for lyrics.

The track shown above and available below, "Good/Bad", was the album's saving grace, and produced by the man himself. A personal stroll down memory lane over a slow mellow joint that knocks. Knocks heavy. If you're head doesn't nod after seconds into it, I'm sorry for you. The video follows in the throwback theme and keeps it real simple. Rather than distract you from the track with that balling-out-of-controlness, they let the beat marinate with images that tie into the lyrics. This track is on my best of 2008 which has yet to be released. I'm thinking of a June date.

For the record I don't know anyone that got brains in Yankee Stadium. Come to think of it, in the 80s when the stands were empty it could have been a possibility. Craziest thing I've done there is drop deuce or steal a bleacher seat.

Diamond D- Good/Bad

Diamond D- With the Dope Sound


buckemdown said...

That really is an ill beat - good looks. Unfortunately, Stunts, Blunts & Hip-hop was a half step earlier than my entrance into hip-hop. While I am familiar with it, I don't have nearly the same affinity for it as HowFresh does. I will still banging my head to Metallica when that shit dropped.

As far as Yankee stadium goes - jacked bleacher seats go down in history. I'm hoping my seat #2 fetches me a cool $100G on eBay one day. I certainly never got any brains there, or knew anybody that did, but I remember that early internet viral phenomenon of that chick riding up and down on that dude like a piston - probably not even Yankee Stadium, although I like to believe it was.

Allen said...

One of the first times I ever got high I bumped into Diamond at Fresh King. I had already heard the song and remember thinking to myself that I should say "Yo Diamond, who you scaring?" I said his name, or probably whimpered it in my state of mind, and mumbled something like "good shit bro." He bought Bartles and James wine coolers. I possibly bought a twix, fritos and a snapple.

Paul said...

did you actually just put that in writing? your political career just left the building.