Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Feels More Like In-FANTAS-yde.

I'm killing the inner child in me every time I commit to a new season so little H should be dying in approximately 2 hours. Ugh. I was this close (holds fingers an inch away from each other) to bowing out. But then I realized how much I enjoy baseball and how important a 10 pm Wednesday night Giants Rockies game is. I don't fuck with late night talk shows so something has to keep me entertained. 11 pm Curbed is a great option but I've seen each episode multiple times. MLBTV is quite the shit though.

That pic isn't from my draft but it's close enough- we're a little younger and have way more swagger. Who am I kidding- we're all losers. My league just has more assholes- "Fakin' the Funk" status assholes. I'm still doing it so I guess I'm the asshole too. It's a weekly league this year so the daily grind won't be as intense but I'll still be freaking out. It's also head to head so I need to get familiar with the format. Holds, innings and quality starts are new stats. We still favor OPS so the monsters will remain monsters. To make it more interesting it will also be a keeper league. I have absolutely no strategy for this. I'm here to win this year anyway. Fuck Weiters, fuck Rasmus, fuck LaPorta. I go for the seasoned vet.

I have the 6th pick. Grady, Reyes, Howard? We'll see how things pop off. Maybe I'll choose an all "H" team. Make things fun. Ryan Howard, CHipper, CC SabatHia, IcHiro, Corey Hart, Brandon PHillips, Jayson WertH, JHonny Peralta, Orlando Hudson, HorHey Posada (???), CHone Figgins, SHeffield, Aubrey Huff, Howie Kendrick- you get the picture.

Yes-we have a board too. But ours is of the futuristic type funk George Jetson status- computer projection. We're so wavy.

We don't even have a name for the team yet. Fuck.

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