Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Cleaning = RECORDS FOR SALE!!!!

I rarely use this site for personal gain, but fuck it. It's a win-win for everybody.

I'm cleaning. What's new? I'm always trying to clean the crib. But it's more like tetris. I just move things into empty spaces and the game continues. I'm tired of that and realize this can't go on any longer.

I'm unloading between 700-1000 records. Mostly hip hop with some R&B- primarily late 90s- to mid 2000s, with other years thrown in. LPs, 12"s, promos and so on. Nas, Jay, Talib, Mary J., DMX, T.I., Busta, De La, Slick Rick, Fat Joe, Mobb Deep, and the list goes on. Pretty much all of the records are in excellent condition- many unplayed. A lot of doubles too for the rusty DJ that wants to polish up a little. Fuck Serato. Keep vinyl alive. Do it for hip hop.

I'm selling it as a lot. Looking for between $400-$500 for everything. Approximately 10-14 crates/cartons. Basically 50 cents per record. The list keeps growing so the value will get even better. I want it out. You want it in. Works perfectly.

Think of it as an act of philanthropy. All the money will help fund some adventurous snail eating in the South Bronx or duck tongues in China Town. Or I'll just cop some fresh kicks that I can coo about. I promise no H hats. We have enough for now. Or maybe I'll finally step the game up and make official. Pay for some server space and become the webmaster I always dreamed about.

If interested you can leave a comment or hit me at I have a list of most of them, but as I said, the list keeps growing. Unfortunately this is for NYC/Tri State only because there's no way I'm mailing these things. Good news is I have an elevator to makes things easier.

I beg of you. GET THESE SHITS OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!


P-Matik said...

HOLD UP!! (Martin Lawrence style)

I want first crack at these joints again man!

HowFresh said...

P- rent a u-haul, hop on I-95 and you can.

HowFresh said...

UPDATE: A very generous individual on craiglist offered this- "whatever you can't sell I can clean out for you at no charge."

Fucking jerk.