Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cam, A Couple of Things Changed While You Were Gone.

Letters To Cam from jeff on Vimeo.

Damn Killa- things have changed while you've been hibernating. Uptown might as well be called the valley. Or Dix Hills. "What up Cam Cam??" HYSTERICAL. "Hey Toyota Camron." Even more HYSTERICAL. While I don't dig every It's The Real video, this is pretty fucking hilarious. The new CNN joint is funny too. Need to dead that Boston hat though.

Some of you might have seen this already, or heard the tracks, but to be clear I don't break news, or music for that matter- I methodically cull what is out there, analyze, and then offer it after extensive research and thought. Pain staking thought. Props to Nahright, 2dopeboyz, Onsmash, and various other sites for the goods we have here.

This hiatus has definitely served Cam well. Dude's buzz is nonstop. And whoever sided with 50 now seems to have jumped on the Spacely Sprocket Rocket Ship (pause?). Watch other cats take this page from his playbook. I could do without certain artists for several years so I welcome it. His midwest pandering is a straight victory. He has his support in NYC, and he won't lose anybody by expressing some middle America love. He even shouts my favorite state. You already know. Shit- those Shady Ltd., G-Unit and Mecca wearing dudes will start wearing the Dipset bird as if it was the cross. All those little kiosks in malls will make cake off the brrrr brrrrr (bird sound). What are the chances Cam was enrolled in marketing classes with the University of Phoenix? He gets computers putin' in order to get his buzzin' buzzin'!!!


Unfortunately blogger can't support GIF images. Achaaaaaa- love learning. By using an image hosting service animated gifs can appear. Blogger- step your gif came up. This shit is genius. Cam and Jesus Camp = amazing. If you're feeling blasphemous, clicking HERE might help reacquaint you with the man up top. Props to 2dopeboyz for the image.

Some new shit supposedly off Crime Pays tentatively set to drop on 5/5/09. Some treats- Hate My Job (like he ever worked), Cookin' Up, I Used to Get it in Ohio(shit grew on me like some No Limit joints in the late 90s), and some shit that had the potential to be a classic but failed- Cookies & Apple Juice. The title is amazing (there I go again with that word), not the kind of amazing that gets thrown around by this girl I know. I mean AMAZING. Unfortunately the beat was produced by Soulja Boy's younger cousin and falls very short. Maybe I'm being hypercritical. The thing is I love cookies and love apple juice even more. Red Cheek what up!!

Cam'ron- I Hate My Job

Cam'ron- I Used to Get it in Ohio

Cam'ron- Cookin' Up (snippet)

Cam'ron- Bottom of the Pussy Hole

Cam'ron- Cookies & Apple Juice

In terms of all the videos he's been dropping, "These aren't really singles- really B-roll videos." I couldn't have said it any better.

I Used to Get in Ohio- back on his Mase with the shiny blue bubble. They say shit goes in cycles.


thekid10705 said...

Great Post!! Cam is King!! I heard there was a " I get it in Ohio" sighting on MTV2 yesterday, major look!

HowFresh said...

If MTV broadcasted in HD I might know- Palladia doesn't count. But as long as they stay in double digits, I'm not up on it. He said 12 airs in one day but you know how that goes.

buckemdown said...

Damn son, that Time Warner is either doing you dirty or you haven't done the channel scavenger hunt in a while - Cablevision blessed us with the MTV HD a couple months ago. No idea why it took so long though - if any channel was to go HD, I would think that MTV would be the first. Turns out they were damn near the last. That always bugged me out, but everything's kool moe dee now. Oh, and good to see Cam back on his grind. Tell Jim Jones to keep his distance.

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