Monday, March 16, 2009

H is for Hope, Happiness and Hate- the Trifecta of Emotions.

Or as in Hee, Hee, Hee because the joke's on me. They always get me with the H. My achilles H-eel. Believe it or not, I left 2 other H caps on the racks. Houston Astros caps in colors I wasn't digging. For the 3 I got- love 1 of them, dig another- though that's dwindling as the seconds tick, and regret the 3rd. You know what though- when I enter the University of Hawaii fan contest and knock the competition out with my unique ensemble of Warriors fitteds, it'll all be worth it. Grand prize? A year's worth of spam sushi and good vibes. Mahalo to the haters.

The H-Train is about to leave the station, so hop on and enter the mind of an obsessed collector- and as always, enjoy.

The stone, brown and orange joint with the H and star was the impetus for my little jaunt to NJ. Seasons had passed since my last trip to Cap City and the time was right. What we have here is a custom Huntsville Stars Minor league cap. That stone might get dirty, but the colors are dope. The Stars are the Double A affiliate for the Milwaukee Brewers, and before landing in Alabama, they played in Evansville, IN. Holla. This logo has been retired, but a new fresher logo has been created.

The mission to find this in a 7 5/8 has begun. No H cap will go unnoticed.

Next up is a custom throwback Houston Astros in brown and lime green. This dropped months ago and sold out quickly. I was surprised to see it on the shelf and was told they restocked various styles following a flood in the basement in which a lot of product got destroyed. A true fitted cemetery. But a tree grows in Brooklyn. The colors work and believe it or not, I don't own one brown H fitted. Problem is the logo is too big. The original logo is smaller, not as gaudy. That shit bothers me and that's the reason why I left the 2 other Astros caps in the spot. It almost looks bootleg. I'll get over it.

Now to the buyer's remorse. Another University of Hawaii joint? Really? There were 2 left. One real small and a 7 3/4. It fit well for a 7 3/4 and was marked down to $25 so I just took it. If anybody out there needs a U of H in a 7 3/4 that fits closer to a 7 5/8- you know who to contact.

In these tough economic times there is no way that 3 H caps will make my life any richer. Unless some marketing execs are looking for a letter H spokesman, purchases like this are more than egregious. Tuna fish, sardines, and pasta will have to sustain the kid until Obama can right this ship.


Allen said...

Haphazardly, hasty and hectic . . . how you like that. The stone joint is dope. I thought I got you a green Hawaii joint but in a lighter color.

What's your take on baseball v. non-baseball? I feel like you have to go baseball teams over all others, right?

HowFresh said...

I like it. I was trying to think of 3 H's- being that I've used these all individually- but needed a title quick.

You got me the kelly green, and I have another green with white and black. This is the pine green and the official U of H colorway- the back says "Hawaii" unlike the others.

Baseball all day. Unless it's an H.

Derek said...

H hats have officially taken over your life.

Yurhe Lee said...

hi i know it's been like almost a year since you posted this, but do you still have the forest green and black cap? if you dooooo, how much would you be willing to sell it for??

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